HQplayer embedded on raspberry pi 4


I like to know if this solution works and pi4 is powerful enough to drive it. I don’t use DSD. If yes I’ll buy the raspberry pi 4 and give it a try.

  1. Install this image “https://www.signalyst.eu/bins/hqplayerd/images/hqplayer-embedded-4.18.0-raspberrypi4.7z” to raspberry pi 4

2a. Roon core < Wifi > HQplayer embedded on raspberry pi 4 < USB > Teac UD-505
2b. Roon core < Wifi > HQplayer embedded on raspberry pi 4 < Wifi > NAA on raspberry pi 3b < USB > Teac UD-505

  1. HQplayer runs the following setting filter and upsampling setting
    poly-sinc-xtr/NS5/PCM 768K

It can run as a NAA (Network Audio Adaptor) as long as you have the server side on a decent pc. A pi can’t run the server requires does not have the juice. Diet pi comes with it as an easy add on in its os.

In fact I can run HQplayer 4 with filter poly-sinc-xtr/NS5/PCM 768k smoothly in a ubuntu VM of synology ds918+.

Synology ds918+ 's CPU is Intel Celeron J3455 (4-core 1.5 (base) / 2.3 (burst) GHz) and I only assigned 2 cores to the ubuntu VM.

Raspberry pi 4’s CPU is1.5 GHz 64-bit quad -core ARM Cortex-A72, without VM overhead.

That’s why I ask. There maybe hope. See what’s Jussi’s comment.

RasPi3 is bad idea as a USB connected NAA. Due to hardware design issues it works properly only through I2S to DAC boards like HifiBerry. It has both ethernet and the USB connector on the same USB bus which causes this problem in NAA use.

What I’ve tested it works up to 8x speeds (352.8/384k) with auto rate family enabled and TPDF dither. 16x output rates is too much for any heavier filter.

Clock for clock, ARM CPUs are much slower than Intel/AMD ones. Compared to Atom cores by factor of about 2x.

Thanks. Regarding NAA on raspberry pi 3b, should be no problem not to use ethernet but wifi?

Depends on how the WiFi is connected. If it is on the same USB bus it likely suffers from similar problems.

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found this

"There is one USB2 port on the SoC which handles the USB ports and the ethernet.

The wireless chip is connected via SDIO, the Bluetooth part is connected to a UART."

means OK?

Yes, sounds like it is potentially OK. At least worth trying.

If it has similar problem as Ethernet, you’ll hear popping/clicking during the playback, a bit like dust particles or scratches on vinyl.

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