HQPlayer embedded volume reset

Hi all,

not sure if this issue is related to Euphony or HQPlayer, so I’ll just try it here:

I am running Euphony OS in Stylus mode with HQPlayer embedded upsampling enabled. Streaming via NAA to an endpoint (Allo Digione Signature running RopieeeXL with NAA output enabled).

Every time I add or change something in play queue or just want to start new playback, the HQPlayer volume is set or reset to -60dB and I have to manually adjust it via the HQPlayer’s web interface. I have to always create my play queue, adjust volume, start playing and then just don’t touch it, otherwise it could reset back to -60dB.

Any idea what could be the problem here? Or is this more related to Euphony?

This does not happen when I run Euphony in Roon Core + HQPlayer embedded mode and control everything via Roon.

It is some problem in Euphony. You could ask the Euphony guys to check how they are managing HQPlayer volume.

Thank you, you are right. Contacted Euphony support and they fixed it for me. It appears Euphony Stylus player volume control does not work optimally with HQ Player volume settings on systems with no add-on / audio output cards, which is my case. They have changed something in the Euphony system so that I now have a volume control bar in Stylus player that I can use, not having to go to HQPlayer web interface all the time and the volume does not reset anymore.