HQPlayer fails to load over Network

@support, I have run roon + hqplayer on the same Windows 10 based PC core successfully for several years.

I also have an additional laptop roon with its own roon core. Over wifi I want to play via the PC HQPlayer because my two roons are not synchronised and I have many albums I would like to play from my laptop via the HQPLayer + roon on my main PC roon.

roon on my laptop finds the networked HQPlayer on the PC roon:

But when I select it as a zone I get an error “Playback failed, could not connect to HQPlayer” (I am not quick enough to get a screen shot with the black and orange error message):

Is there some configuration step I have missed? HQPlayer works fine standalone on the PC roon. The problem is over the network (wifi or ethernet) using the laptop as a roon core.

HQPlayer has a switch that allows network control (ie: from a Roon Core on another computer). It is set to off by default and must be toggled on. See here.

Thanks Andy. You are a true gent.

Looks like I was trying to do this months ago and got all the roon config steps because roon complained the HQPlayer host was already set. It was the HQPlayer switch that threw me.

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