HQplayer group multi-room

I had expected that in 1.2 I’d be able to group my HQPlayer output with a Roon Bridge, but I don’t seem to be able to find anything in the UI that allows me to do that.

Am I missing something? Or is it still not supported?


Roon <—> Roon Bridge uses the RAAT protocol
Roon <—> HQPlayer uses the HQPlayer API

So what you are seeing is consistent with Roon’s zone grouping policy in that only zones whose devices are using the same protocol can be grouped.

Have a read of this Feature Request [Synchronize multiple Roon outputs]
(Syncronize multiple Roon outputs) topic … there’s some (high level) discussion of the issues to overcome to implement heterogeneous zone syncing. In a private discussion with @Danny it’s way, way, more complex to achieve in practise to get good consistent predictable results.

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Thanks @carl , was afraid of that :slight_smile: .

I would like to be able to group multiple HQPlayer zones, but it appears that this is not supported either?

Roon 1.3 to the rescue?
Use Roon upsampling with raat (roon) endpoint?

That is an alternative, but that means my Roon Core machine has to have sufficient resources to be able to upsample all of the streams. By using multiple HQPlayer instances, I can offload processing to other machines. Plus, HQPlayer has additional options not yet supported in Roon.