HQPlayer NAA and SOtM problem (solved)

i just set up my SOtM sMS-200Ultra Neo + SPS-500.
set the 200Ultra for HQPlayer NAA via ipv6.
Roon Core is on an intel NUC in another room.

When playing DSD512 using 200Ultra as NAA, i get persistent pops and crackles throughout playback.
I also get the same issue with PCM768.
I get occasional very soft/faint pops crackles with PCM384.

However, if i set the 200Ultra to be a Roon endpoint (rather than hqplayer naa), and do upsampling to DSD512 or PCM768 within Roon, playback is completely fine, without any pops or crackles.

I have tried using another LPS to the 200Ultra, and also tried using a more powerful PC as Roon/HQplayer core, but the issue remains apparent if the 200Ultra is set as hqplayer naa.

does anyone know a fix for this?

There is another thread on these forums with recent activity that suggests the SPS-500 has firmware bugs and updating to 2.x fixes the pops at high frequency rates. But that the firmware update procedure is also prone to brick the device as well…

Thanks for that info.
I’ve also tried powering the 200ultra with another lps (keces P3) and I get the same problems… :frowning:

OK I got in touch with the local dealer and he suggested to try and change the hqplayer buffer times, and that did the trick! Normal playback with DSD512 and pcm 768! 10ms buffer and everything is OK!

What a relief…


Ok thanks Ty

SPS-500 is the SOtM switch mode power supply. How can be upgraded? I don’t think so…am I wrong?