HQPlayer NAA - POE (Power Over Ethernet) RPi4 HAT thread

So continuing from the UPBoard NAA thread,

I just got the UCtronics POE HAT.


And it works immediately with NAA OS image on RPi4, streaming DSD512 no issues.

You just need to edit config.txt and enable dtparam=i2c_arm=on

I can’t monitor temps though but it should be lower than RPi POE+ HAT.

So I’ll load DietPi to monitor temps

It is much lower profile too than the RPi POE+ HAT

And fanless

Currently I just put a copper heat sink on the RPi4 SoC.

cc @jussi_laako @Chunhao_Lee


Ok it’s a pain in the a$$ but I hooked up RPi4 to keyboard and monitor and with NAA OS image I can check temp with:

cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp

I’m only doing this temp test once for you all :smile: so I try to draw max power from POE by powering USB powered DAC (Pro-Ject Pre Box) and streaming DSD512

POE (not plus) 2.5A is easily enough to power both RPi4 and the USB DAC

I’ll let it stream DSD512 and power the DAC for an hour and see if the temp stays below 60 deg C (safe) in this fanless mode

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Interesting test! Most people try to separate power and signalling but you are “integrating” the two rather! :smiley:
What is the purpose? To simplify the creation of endpoints?
And i do like the neat design of the POE HAT!

Me, i’m looking the other way, separate and isolate!

I have a Pro Audio DAC (and ADC) that can be powered over bog standard Cat 6 UTP ethernet cable !

Showing (off) your Roon setup - description and photos [2015 - 2021-03] - #7209 by dabassgoesboomboom

Purpose described here:

HPQe NAA UP Gateway, Atom - #92 by dabassgoesboomboom

Don’t be afraid of POE ! :smile:

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Ok after 2 hours of the RPi4 streaming DSD512 and also powering USB DAC driving planar magnetic headphones (all to draw most power over POE), temp doesn’t exceed 63 deg. No fan.

You can even see photo below I tried to cover the RPi4 to prevent any air circulation to try and simulate being in a case without fan :smile:

I’m getting HiFiBerry HiPi Pro case with fan coming soon - I’ll see if running on slowest speed (should be inaudble) just to move SOME air helps.

I don’t think 63 deg C is that bad though.

So after 2 hours it steadied at 63 deg C with box covering RPi4 - no airflow at all.

I took the box off and within 10 mins, temp dropped to steady 55 deg C

So the solution is to get the most open case possible and then no need for any fan at all :smile:

That should also nicely fit in a HifiBerry steel case!

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Might be ok! But after my brief experiment, the more open the better the heat sink keeps temp below 60 deg C.

Maybe this one better as it has more slots on the sides. And is taller also. I’ll test it out.

There are cases out there that are integral heat sinks so open isn’t your only option.

I have many fanless cases already.

Look closely at my photo and you will see one major clash (even with copper heat sink removed).

I just ordered 2 DFRobot metal cases. Should allow a bit better airflow compared with HiFiBerry.

Both are cheap and DFRobot is available everywhere.




Yeah, the first one seems to have nice cooling.

These are the one I have most, but I also usually have a HifiBerry DAC or Digi board on as well:

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If I could find one that had this “faraday cage style” on all sides, that would be perfect :smile:

I’ll test these 2 in a couple days when I get them.

There’s a newer model of the UCtronics mini POE HAT that I bought. Not available in my country yet. Only 8mm tall.

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2 fanless steel cases arrived to test the fanless UCTronics POE (non plus) HAT.

This tall one has loads of space above the Pi and lots of slots everywhere.

Just have copper heatsink on the Pi4’s SoC and monitoring temp (you can see in the pic).

I’ll be happy if it can stay under 65 deg C after 1 hour.

This is a tough test because Pi4 over POE is also powering the USB DAC which is powering Hifiman planar magnetic headphones. Also powering USB keyboard and HDMI output (to monitor temp). Kind of a worst case scenario.

The smaller one with lots of holes on top will be tested next.

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2 hours of this test and tall case passes !

Temp never reached 66 deg C after 2 hours - fanless operation passes in my opinion

Next is smaller case with more holes on top

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This is the taller DFRobot metal case:

This is the lower profile model (comes with fan but I’ll test in fanless):

I like the smaller case, it looks very neat and I would guess it has enough air flow for cooling as well. Looks like a perfect case for a NAA.

Now if someone finds a nice adapter from the usual 2.1mm barrell connector to Type-C. Maybe iFi Power comes with such? But I wouldn’t want to buy one just for the adapter.

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Currently streaming and powering USB DAC - will report back in 2 hours.

Not keen on POE ?

Like this?

I would need to change my living room switch in the equipment rack to something with PoE (pass-through) if I wanted that. Since the current small HPE switch is not PoE device.

But I was thinking more in terms of using linear PSU. Of course I could use the standard RPi SMPS as well.

That looks good, and there are likely also some with a short wire as it would put less stress on the RPi Type-C connector… Just not fond of AliExpress :sweat_smile:

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