IAN Canada PurePi power supply

Anyone with experience of the IAN Canada series of products?
Took delivery of a PurePi power supply yesterday, and it is a VERY promising prospect so far! The two voltages needed for the Pi are created in an isolated manner, 5V provided by a pair of supercapacitors and 3.3V by a pair of LifePO accumulators. These are all kept charged and managed by the logic on the board and of course separated from each other and also from the incoming power.

Right now prefering USB out from the Pi 2B but the Pifi Digi HAT also churns out SPDIF in a very neat manner.


I use a DIY Raspberri Pi solution using boards from IAN Canada.

It uses a 5V Akku to power the raspberry and 3.3V Ultracapacitors to power a reclocking board and a HDMI transport board.(I2S connection) For the setup refer to page 9 of [this document](https://github.com/iancanada/DocumentDownload/blob/master/UltraCapacitorPowerSupply/PurePi/PurePiManual.pdf) I successfully connected it to my Denafrips Venus II DAC and now have a very well sounding streaming soliution which cost me approx. USD 500.

There are even more advanced configurations possible
Customer support with IanCanada is prime.


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