HQPlayer NAA thread

None yet. Currently kernels are 5.4 and 5.10 with my patches.

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Ok thanks, just your custom kernel for Ubuntu is 5.15 at the moment?

Yes, that’s the case. Eventually NAA OS and HQPlayer OS will also move forward to the next long term kernel (5.15), but it always takes a bit of time as it is not as straightforward as it is on Ubuntu. (both use realtime kernels etc)

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I would like the ZenStream to be a little more open and to be able to install a more recent image … but with a few scissors and a big eraser, I can do the mini.
But still under Jessie, with an old kernel and a 384/DSD356/Dop 128 limitation.

And with cset :wink:

volumio@ifi:~$ cset shield  -v -v
cset: --> shielding system active with
cset: "system" cpuset of CPUSPEC(0-2) with 7 tasks running
   -------- ----- ----- ---- ---------
   root         1     0 Soth [systemd]
   root       804     1 Soth [sshd]
   root       907     1 Soth [streamer-irq]
   root      1012   804 Soth [sshd]
   volumio   1045  1012 Soth [sshd]
   volumio   1046  1045 Soth -bash
   volumio   1068  1046 Roth /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/cset shield -v -v
cset: "user" cpuset of CPUSPEC(3) with 2 tasks running
   -------- ----- ----- ---- ---------
   root       885     1 Sr98 [networkaudiod]
   root      1058     1 Sf_1 [networkaudiod]

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If it’s Intel should be fine.

What is the exact CPU model?

It won’t cost anything to try anyway and booting from USB stick won’t do anything to your laptop hard drive

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Overkill for NAA (endpoint) duties.

4GB is fine (if you can find one).


So the 4Gb is enough power alongside an ifi Streamer right?

Definitely. Here using a rpi4/4GB, it works fine with “original” NAA and with RoPieeeXL/NAA … and doesn’t have the constraint of DSD256, I can reach DSD512 (my dacs cannot do more …)

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I’m not sure I follow what you mean by “alongside” your iFi streamer.

Your iFi streamer is currently a HQPlayer ‘endpoint’ (NAA).

The idea of testing an Intel based PC/laptop or RPi4 is also for NAA so it’s not working alongside iFi Streamer - instead running NAA image on PC/RPi4 features a newer kernel update that may help with your native DSD issues.

So both RPi4 NAA and iFi Zen will be streamers.

It was just a suggestion by Jussi to try, especially if you have an Intel PC/laptop around or spare RPi4 around. Not necessarily to buy anything new.

Just in case there was confusion why there was a suggestion to try an RPi4 or Intel PC with NAA image.

It’s not running HQPlayer with this suggestion. It’s just an endpoint (think of Roon endpoint as an example)

I’m assuming you don’t have any access to any kind of Intel based laptop? Or NUC for example?

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I use a 1gb pi4, works fine.

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Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! Got it!

What happened is before 2012 mac mini was only running HQPlayer with Roon and it was not powerful enough to have DSDx128 working on my DAC-60. So I learned about using iFi streamer as a solution for NAA to help with processing load. And I got it and the result was much better (cand do DSDx128 but not all complex filters, because of my mac processor). So I was thinking that the RPi4 will be also working instead of my mac mini and running with ifi-streamer too.

So the RPi4 in this case will be connected directly to my DAC-60 in this case right?

Is it normal for suddenly some songs won’t play? Just shows the steps but the seconds don’t move, if you skip to next song is fine. (Edit: Correction 48kHz won’t play only)

This happened on Qobuz
Here are the songs

Hardware, Accuphase DAC-60, end point ifi Streamer, Roon running Mac mini 2012, 16GB/RAM, 1TBSSD.

Thanks :pray:t2:

What is the difference between the two screenshots?

Both not playing, just noticed 48kH don’t play for some strange reason I don’t know. Using ifi Streamer directly they play.

Do you,

  1. Have 48k DSD enabled by mistake?
  2. Have adaptive output rate enabled while not having 48k DSD enabled?

Enabling adaptive output rate means you ask that 48k multiple sources are played at 48k multiple output rate. While most DACs don’t support DSD at multiples of 48k and thus there’s the special selection where you can enable it if you are absolutely sure yours does…

Good morning from HK @jussi_laako
My settings are as follows:

I grey out “adaptive”. So I guess I need to select 48k plus adaptive at same time correct?

This is my DAC

That should work… But just to check, set the Adaptive output rate to unchecked - gives you fixed output rate at 44.1k x128…

Hi, tried many options but no results:

Thanks for help anyway

Only HQPlayer log file would tell more about the reasons…

(if you would like to send me a log file, please use email, do not post logs here)

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Is there a link where I can see where to find the log on MacOs? Can’t find it. Thanks!