HQPlayer NAA thread

These components typically use the same specifications as the electronics built inside car’s dashboard. You can get WiFi routers for this category as well, and you could also use WiFi routers designed for outside use that can withstand wide temperature range, rain, etc.

Here’s my 5G WiFi/Ethernet router at the boat, powered over PoE from 12 VDC electrical system:

For computers, take a look for example here:
Which they specify to have “Operating Temperature: -40°C to 70°C”


If you need even more rugged machine, you can also get military grade ones, but it also means it becomes more expensive.

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Hello, I want to use a RPi (4 or 5, depending on the answer) to stream DSD512 upsampled music from my Windows PC (Roon → HQ Player Desktop → Network → Rpi w/ HQP NAA OS → Usb Rpi → DAC).

My DAC supports DSD512 just fine and my RTX 3080 can upsampled too, so, my question is, the USB port on the Rpi4 is capable of sending DSD512 to my DAC ? If not, what about Rpi5?

Thanks in avance !
(I never had a streamer before and want to start with the Rpi + HQP NAA OS option to see :grinning:)

What DAC? Do you have.

RPi4 will have no problem - depends if your DAC supports DSD512 with Linux.

We don’t know your DAC, but you can check to see its Linux support.

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DAART Yulong Aurora, but I plan to get a Holo Cyan 2.

My question is more regarding the capabilities of the USB port on the RPi than a DAC or even a HQP NAA question itself.

Reading through the thread it seems possible (DSD512 outputting to the RPi4 USB port running HQP NAA OS).
But I would like confirmation from someone who has already done it.

Rpi4 works without issues and according to this post it’s better than rpi5

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Everything I’ve experienced (I own May and Spring 2) and read (about Cyan 2) suggests that DSD256 with the right HQPlayer filters, modulators, and DAC correction is the sweet spot for Holo.


Thank you guys, I will pickup a RPi 4 and see how it goes…

May I ask, which OS are you using on the RPi 4 nowadays to use with HQP NAA (with wired network) ?

I read through the thread some suggestions like the NAA OS, Ropieee\RopieeeXL, DietPi and Gentoo.
Which one do you guys think is best ?
(I will manly use for HQPlayer, but AirPlay could be nice, I heard that RopieeeXL has AirPlay, is there any disadvantage on using RopieeeXL over the NAA OS ?)

RoPieeeXL works fine


Depends what you prefer. If you’d like NAA with absolutely minimal bloat and my latest software and drivers, then NAA OS is good choice. If you’d like most OS flexibility, then Raspberry Pi OS Lite with the networkaudiod “bookworm” package is a good choice.

I have not used the other ones, and those are not supported by me, but instead their respective authors. So I cannot comment much about those.

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Yes, works up to DSD1024 with Holo Cyan 2 / Spring 2/3, or Denafrips for example.

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