HQplayer plays thru Roon but no sound in 2nd system

I am running Roon and HQPlayer on a dedicated PC. It plays fine thru the host computer. I have a second zone running on a Mac. This system will play Roon with no issues as long as I don’t try to add HQPlayer. It used to work in the past so not sure what changed. I did remove the setup and added it again. I am using the correct IP address and it will show it is loading in HQ Player and will start and count down the seconds on the song. HQ Player however is not displaying the artist or track just 1 of 1. The MAC shows it is playing but no volume is coming out. It is a fixed volume and I don’t think that can be changed, which I would really like to if possible. I do use core Audio mixer in plain Roon mode(no HQP).
Step 1 get HQPlayer to integrate with MAC.
Step 2 -volume thru core audio mixer if possible
Step 3 -I have the house for sale and have taken down the stereo connected to the PC can I play the other zone on MAC without connecting the DAC which is an ASIO ARC Dac 8. It does not to do anything without this DAC connected. I am leaving the host computer running.

Thank you
Dave Leitner
(Phone number redacted)

I forgot I downloaded Daemon 3.42 on the MAC, maybe the problem lies here

it shows :Last login: Tue Jan 31 13:21:06 on ttys001
davids-MBP:~ davidleitner$ /Users/davidleitner/Desktop/networkaudiod-342/networkaudiod ; exit;
[/Users/davidleitner/Desktop/networkaudiod-342/networkaudiod] (741): networkaudiod Copyright © 2011-2016 Jussi Laako / Signalyst. All rights reserved.