HQplayer Quit Working

Hi run Hqplayer with Roon with a nuc as naa device.Cant get Hqplayer to work with Roon or by itself.Before when had this issue I would do a Reset of windows 10 then reinstall everything.This time a no go.All that happens is play button greyed out and pause button flashing…Also tried removing naa device and hooking computer straight to dac same issue.Any ideas ?

Is your NAA device showing (under “Device”) in HQP’s preferences?

When the DAC is directly connected, does the DAC show under “Device”?

Yes to both.

It’s probably something in your settings. I think you should post screen shots of (1) your main window (down through the settings pop-ups), (2) your Settings window, and I guess (3) your DSDIFF/DSF Settings window (assuming that’s relevant). When you do this, you probably want to drop a flag for Jussi Laako (use his screen name preceded by an “@”), and either Jussi or someone else should be able to help you figure it out.