HQPlayer Remote Slow Response

Run Roon and HQPlayer.Having issues with very slow response on remote.Use either a I pad air or Samsung laptop.If I run Roon by itself remotes work properly.But if I run HQPlayer with Roon or by itself very slow to respond to controls.I can hit stop it may up to 10 seconds to react to stop music.Any ideas ?

What are the specs on the hardware you are running roon on and is this the same machine that hqp is running on?

HQPlayer and Roon are on same machine.The PC has a 8086 cpu,Z390 asus Maximus hero X1 motherboard,16gb of Corsair platinum ram 3200mhz,m.2 ssd with Windows 10.The core is hooked to main router which is upstairs.Then I run a 2nd router as access point we’re i have a intel nuc running as a naa device hooked to dac in basement we’re entertainment room is.

Ok well Im assuming that the CPU is 8th Gen Core i7 or the like that should be capable. @jussi_laako Maybe Jussi can lend some ideas