I am setting up the roon to work with the Yamaha RX-V3800.
My goal is to play multichannel DSD recordings. Now everything is decoded in PCM, which loads the PC cores.
Tell me if native DSD via HDMI is possible with roon control.
My installation is a PC with Windows roon core connected directly via HDMI to an AV receiver, Signalyst HQPlayer is installed on the same computer.

I think your AVR only supports multichannel DSD with SACD input only?

Have you been able to play any multichannel DSD with any software on Windows? Seperate to Roon or HQP

I have not heard of anybody providing DSD capable HDMI audio drivers.


This comes up every few months. @jussi_laako is correct; there are no drivers available for Windows nor macOS that support DSD over HDMI. Converting DSD to PCM and playing multichannel PCM over HDMI should work fine, and you seem to indicate that it does.

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Yes this avr play DSD over HDMI from my disc player Sony UBP-X700 - on Windows not

Ok. Thank you.

Is there best setings in HQ Player suitable to play DSD converting to PCM.

You can check settings in the DSD Sources dialog. But then you can send out the data as 192k PCM for example and multichannel should work just fine. Or you could select HQPlayer Nx PCM filter as “none” which results in 176.4k output from DSD64 sources. However, if you play multichannel DSD128 or DSD256 soures, you’d need additional rate conversion, and in this case, 192k may be most preferable.

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Than you! 192k is more preferable to prevent swiching DAC between 176.4k and 192.