HQPlayer / Roon Integration: Ready for Prime Time?

But who can go back to a non-HQPlayer system!!?? :smile:

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One thing that would be terrific to somehow enable in the Roon interface is the active settings choices in HQPlayer (the line of gray boxes allowing me to choose PCM/DSD, filter, etc. When I’m streaming to my NAA using my iPad as the front end those choices are not available in the Roon interface, so any change I make requires me to walk back upstairs to where the upsample computer resides.

Hi Stephan,

I agree that it would be great to be able to configure HQP in Roon, at least as regards filters, modulators and DSD/PCM output etc.

Ideally, I would also love to see HQP send the processed stream back to Roon for distribution, maybe one day …

In the meantime, however, you can save yourself the stairs by using a remote desktop app on your iPad to configure HQP running on the upsample computer (I think you said in another thread it’s Windows 10 ?).

I haven’t tried this myself (no stairs !) so can’t tell you which of the suggested apps might be best for you. There is also a free Microsoft app.

As you probably know invoking the settings in HQP tears down the audio stack, which is then rebuilt after the settings page is closed.

Also, and as you also probably know, there is (hopefully) no need to head upstairs to restart HQP where you get a disconnection. Brian has included the very handy “chain” connection icon under the volume icon in the footer of Roon which will revert Roon and HQP to a fresh state so new connections can be made without restarting.

Andrew, when playback is in stopped state, the settings can be changed in the main window without tearing down the engine. Making setting changes through the settings dialog does full engine reboot though as it contains other configuration options like backend type and output device.

The controls that are in the main window are also available through the control API, so Roon could control those settings. But of course that would need quite a bit of additional GUI work at Roon side.


Personally speaking, stability issue aside as they of course must be resolved, I’d prefer Roon to stop working on further HQplayer integration so they can concentrate on Roon’s core features …

Metadata lookup improvements
Metadata editing improvements including ‘duplicate’ artist consolidation.
Cloud sync / backup of local edits
UI improvements

I’ll stop there as I don’t wish to derail this HPQ topic.


Jussi: Yes, those are exactly the controls I was thinking of because those are largely the ones I need access to as the nature of the input file changes.

++1. I’ve comeback to Roon because of the HQP integration, and those limited added controls seem the minimum - and probably optimum - step to get the best of both worlds.

I want to use HQPlayer with Roon on two different windows machines. One is the core and the other a remote. Do I need to purchase two different HQPlayer licenses? Thanks!

Hi Goaline,

Not as I understand things provided you only want to use one version of HQP at a time.

Legally the HQP EULA (clause 9.1 of the Manual) licences you to use one copy of the Software on any single computer provided the Software is in use on only one computer at any time.

Practically you can point Roon at any copy of HQP, but (as I understand it) you can only make one HQP network zone in Roon.

Edit: I was wrong about HQP network zones in Roon. You can make multiple zones and point them at different machines.

You will need, though, a separate license per platform; e.g., if you want to use it on both OS X and Windows, you must buy two separate licenses.

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Beautiful. Thanks Andy and Walker.

Yes, I currently have HQP on a Windows machine and a MAC. The Roon Server sees them as two different zones. Both can run locally or to the same NAA output (not at the same time) and it works fine. What I have not tried, but will do so is to have two NAA output on the same subnet, one for each computer,

Let us know what you find Eric. I’ve always thought of HQP delivering to a single NAA at a time, but have never experimented.

Beta 6 hqplayer for Mac will not work with Roon.Song will start play a few secs then stop for a few seconds then start.Just continues to start and stop.

Beta 7 released working now.

The new Roon 101, solved my issues with Roon/HQPlayer. Everything is working perfectly.

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Prime Time is here. Good Scotch, decent book, a small fire. And music that distracts every now and then, just because it sounds too good.
And that with an rpi as naa endpoint. Who am i to wonder, back to the good life.

Thanks @danny and gang and @jussi_laako for allowing the magic to creep through.


Ready for prime time? Kinda, but Personally I hope eventually full integration of HQP into Roon happens, because in my setup having the 2 programs running kinda sucks… My DAC has a tube output stage (Unison Research CD Due) so I don’t leave it on all the time and I run a headless MacMini which when I turn my DAC on and change the source to USB, HQP doesn’t remember my DAC from the day before, so I have to quit HQP and restart and than press the Roon disconnect button a few times before everything is working (sometimes have to do this twice before it works)… Kinda a pain to go though all these steps and if I want to play CD, I have to go through all the above steps again as HQP does not remember the DAC… Using Roon alone has none of these issues and I can just press play on my iPad to get some music going… For the time being using HQP is a no go most of the time.

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@anon94274355 I too find this incredibly annoying, almost a HQP deal breaker for me. It is certainly not something I can expect other members of the family or guests to deal with just to get music out. Sometimes the littlest of things can be very frustrating, when all you want to do is play high quality music.

I love the SQ from HQP via Roon, but I really want to find a way that the NAA can re-establish USB connection to my Devialet 200 when it comes out of a sleep situation, or powering up. The NAA really needs to monitor the connection once it is set as a ‘default’. It’s a real shame that HQP isn’t more deeply integrated with Roon, such that it can be all controlled via Roon settings.

I am wondering whether a dedicated NAA such as Sonicorbiter SE or microRendu will ‘remember’ where the NAA was last and automatically re-connect?

I also do wonder if the HQP integration into Roon is more a case of buying time before Roon develops it’s own integrated DSP? Not a criticism, just maybe the constraints of time for developing, I certainly hope there is more to come, either with this hook up of the best two bits of software out there now, or Roon developing it’s own integrated DSP the equal of HQP.