HQPLAYER Stops and Resumes

Hi Rooners.

When I play via HQPLAYER which is hosted remotely on a mini PC connected with my DAC, many times it pauses playing and then resumes. Is there a way to troubleshoot and see what the problem is? Bandwith, PC limitations, etc?


Describe please which cpu/ram is you pc running and which are your HQPlayer settings … filters, modulators, SDM/PCM output

Sure, here are details in screenshot.

The above are the details of the PC that has the DAC connected to.

These are the details of the PC that has Roon server plus HQPlayer

At first sight the bit rate limit seems very high … try with 44.1x1024 or even 44.1x512 … your i7 7700K could be not powerful enough to support 44.1x2048

Output seems to be running at DSD256 (44.1k x256).

I don’t see anything particularly heavy there. But still it would be good to check the per-core CPU loads (right-click the load graph in task manager and select logical cores).

If it is irregular, then I would take a look at the network. How is the HQPlayer server connected to the NAA?

One option would be also to boot up NAA OS from USB memory stick on that NAA instead of Windows. And check if that changes anything.

I suspect that it might be the connection. The HQPlayer server is connected via WiFi but if indeed it was the connection, then the problem should be happening all the time. It only happens randomly. Is there a way to look at logs, etc and figure out exactly whats going on?

WiFi problems are usually fairly random. If it would be regular at steady pace, then it is usually processing load.

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