HQPlayer through Pi2AES

Currently I’m using Roon in the following manner:

  • Roon core installed on a rock unit
  • Roon software interface used on a different computer
  • Passing the audio to a Yggdrasil OG A2 Unison via a Pi2AES unit (AES into Yggy)

Started looking into HQPlayer and can get Roon to interface with it if it’s running on my main PC and connected to Roon via the ip address. In this case the Yggy input is USB from the main PC (vs AES via the Pi2AES).

My question is whether I can use HQPlayer in conjunction with the Pi2AES chain?

yep but you’re limited to 192kHz PCM. No DSD.

(still sounds great)

  1. You need naaplayer on the Pi2AES, e.g. under RopieeeXL or dietpi.
  2. Configure network output to Pi2AES in hqplayer

Pi2AES must be disabled as Roon output, naaplayer needs exclusive access.