HQPlayerd installed on a NUC - Pi 3B+ - NAA OS

Can I use RPi4 NAA OS image on a 3B + ?

No, only RPi4

You can install DietPi 64-bit on Pi3B+ though and still use the latest 64-bit NAA version for Linux

Thanks, I did try DietPi, didn’t try installing different kernels. In your opinion, do you find they make a difference to the sound?

DietPi is very good, very light on resources.

Sounds great

Are you using a HAT or USB output?

If using USB output, getting an RPi4 is better if you can find one. And NAA OS works on it

I don’t know about different kernels for DietPi and I don’t bother with different kernels.

Just stick to the latest update - but make sure you pick the 64-bit version

ARMv8 is the one.