Huawei Mediapad T5 as Roon Remote?

Hi, there’s good deals on these at the mo but just wondering if people had good experience of using them?

Hi there. I haven’t had a chance to check out the Huawei, but I’ve been using a Lenovo Yoga tab, that’s in the same price range and seems to have similar specs and same screen resolution, as my Roon remote and it’s been great.

I took a punt and picked up the 4Gb/64Gb tablet for £169 - so far so snappy - loads covers faster than my iPad Air which I’ve lost to my son anyway!

Only downside compared to iPad is that due to the wider aspect ratio of the Huawei - text is ever so slightly smaller on the same layout. I’m desperately avoiding any situations that require me wearing reading glasses as I’m always losing them!

Maybe I can persuade my son to swap?

I realized that I could not afford an apple pro 2020 at this moment so today… I bought the T5 (150 USD) and it works better than expected! Smoth and fairly quick.
I cannot believe you can get this kind of performance for litterly a bottle of great vine. Wow… I might even keep this as remote even after I get the apple pro.

Impressive image quality and I am happy that I put extra effort into scanning and editing artwork :wink: