Hugo2 with 2go, using roon on iPhone as remote

I have a Hugo2 and am thinking of getting a 2Go and load my music onto the 2 SD card slots of the 2go. Question: Can I then use the roon app on my iPad or iPhone to drive the music steaming? Or do I need a roon core?

Welcome to the community Gerard.

The Hugo is a Roon endpoint and you can use Roon to stream to it. However, anything stored on its SD card can only be played through a UPnP app. Roon does not do UPnP.

Watch this:

You will need a Core which you can then control with remotes installed on mobile devices.

More on the Core here:

Thanks, this was very helpful… Any suggestions for a core? I do have a MacbookPro… but it is not on all the time.

You’re welcome.

Core will run well on a MacBook. I used to have the same but was annoying given it had to always be on. Bought an Intel NUC and installed ROCK on it. Perfect solution and the NUC is tucked out of sight and left always on.

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Roon core only needs to be running when you want to play something. If you are new to Roon, try it out first before buying any new hardware.

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