Hyperion Schubert 30 v CD sorting issue

30 CD Hyperion Schubert Edition is ripped to WD MY CLOUD NAS and WD MY PASSPORT EXTERNAL USB HDD. Both connected to Roon Core/Fidelizer Nimitra-S (Win 10) and streaming to Modwright modded Oppo Sonica DAC.

Sorting issue: Individual CDs do not sort. Entire series sorts by track number then song title alphabetically. I.e. there are 30 consecutive track 1s with each first track of the 30 CDs listed in alphabetical order. Next 30 track 2s and so on.

Can’t figure out how to sort by album instead. There are 30 separate cover graphics which seem to sort in order (CD vol 1, 2, 3, etc) but that’s a discreet file which doesn’t access audio.
Thx for any suggestions.
Daniel Gale
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Hi @Daniel_Gale,

I was hoping you could share some screenshots both of what you are seeing in Roon and how things look in your storage location via Finder/File Explorer.


Hi Dylan,
I am traveling and unable to access Roon. Please keep ticket open for approx 2-3 weeks and I will get back to you with screenshots.
Thank you,
Daniel Gale

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Getting back to you on the Schubert Hyperion Collection metadata issue. To recap, it is a 40 cd set of Schubert’s complete Lieder. I have (I think) all of them to my NAS and I get the same issue whether from My Library or Tidal.

Issue is that entire series is sorted by track/alphabetical only. i.e. all track1’s sort in alphabetical order, then track 2’s etc. Cannot select by disk.

Here are a few screen shots:

Hi @Daniel_Gale,

roon may have some other information but I don’t think the metadata sources either roon or Tidal draw on have that box set defined as a collective “release” only as a collective “series”, as that was how it was originally released.


What this means is that the best you can hope for is an “unidentified” box set as roon does not have a box set it can match against. Under the circumstances you would be much better off getting an individual identification for each of the original releases. You can always group the 38 or so “volumes” you will end up with under a common tag so that you can treat the bundle of CD’s collectively as a sort of pseudo box-set.

If you really want to force roon to create an “unidentified” box set with separate disk links then you need to do this:

I don’t have the 40 CD box but I have several of the original releases. Some of them have very complex metadata and you will loose all of that by going down the unidentified box set route unless you are prepared to tag laboriously by hand.

Thank you Tony.