Hyperlinking Tidal Albums

Would it be possible to create hyperlinks to Tidal albums that would play in Roon when sharing Albums in e.g. the What are you listening to now? thread.
This is possible in Tidal, e.g. https://listen.tidal.com/album/80462059


Probably not.

Just like you cannot right click on a music file located on a usb thumb drive or one that is located on a internal / external hard drive and select open or play with Roon.


I agree that it would not be possible for albums stored locally, but Roon Core should have some kind of link or album ID to identify Tidal albums …

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Related but different: I’d like the Share button in Room to have the ability to give me a link to the Tidal album on Tidal (e.g. https://tidal.com/album/81473513).

My friends and I share music recommendations all the time via group text, mostly by sending links to Tidal albums.


Turning this around the other way…

If I have a Tidal link of the form https://tidal.com/album/xxxxxxxxx, which has been shared with me, I would like a way to search for the album in Roon using either the entire URL, or at least the final xxxxxxxx identifier.

Is that already possible?


It looks like its still not possible in 2021 Roon to share (share) nor “import” Tidal links…Its silly one have to start Tidal app just to do that.

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