I am Changing DACsssssssssss

I am getting my original DAC a performance upgrade (Yggy) and while waiting for it’s return, I took my Office set-up DAC, Schiit Bifrost and for what ever reason cannot get it recognized so that I can play it. There is no choice in Setup for any type of Schiit gear.

How do I get it going?


Hello Lary, I use the same DAC. If your system saw the dac properly it should show up under settings - audio in your roon server.

If you are using windows, maybe a reboot could help, also make sure that window has it as it’s default audio.

Man I have got things so screwed up…I use a MAC Mini that did have a AudioByte Hydra DDC USB input AES output to my Yggy then Analog out into to my Pre Pro…I cannot get it recognized even though I rebooted the MAC Mini…

I hate going down this rabbit hole cause it will be a mess when I get my Yggy back and try and hook it up and start the whole thing over again…I wish there was an easier way…

Damn it…I can’t stand being without Music…and my Yggy is at least two weeks off…I also have my iMAC in my Office that I use Roon there for my Room Correction plugins…I wish thwere was an easier way…all I know is I really love how Roon works when it’s all working…when its not ARGGG!

Have you tried plugging the Bifrost directly into the Mac (this is unclear from your comments)? Does it show-up in MIDI and under Sound Preferences? That would isolate any issues with the Hydra. Is the Bifrost recognized on any machine you have?

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Thanks ipeverywhere and also Fernando Fuentes!!!

Yea…After another MAC Mini reboot…I rebooted the iPad just to be sure…It finally found it !!! Yea!

This is why I am a lifetime subscriber…there is so much help from the members and Roon Staff that you always find your way out of the woods!

So now the Bifrost is playing in my Main system! Yea Music again! Until I get my modded Yggy back…but hopefully it will now be easier with a MAC Mini reboot…even though it did show up in Preferences before the reboot! Now I’ll just get the Bifrost warmed and running (cause I leave my DACs on 24/7) …It’s just nice to have tunes in my main room!

BTW, The Hydra is out of the loop currently because I’m using USB input as there is no AES input on the Bifrost…

THANKS for all the help Fellas!!!


Very nice! Now that Unison is out I plan to get a Yggy and then send my Gungnir in for upgrade.


When I get my Yggy back I will compare the Unison USB to the AES input from the Hydra…I will really have too many changes…the Analog 2 + the Unison USB…and my Pre Pro still only has about 75-80 hours on it…as circuits break in I won’t know what’s doing what but I know of my references albums so well I’ll hear the changes what or where ever they come from…

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I did just that… Except I did the install my self :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad is all working @Larry_Megugorac!

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I’m going multibit upgrade at the same time so must send it in. Exciting times!

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Wooha! Congrats! U will love it!

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