I am getting static with High Resolution files

Hi I am getting static when I have the Sample Converter on at a higher resolution when I start playing a song. I have to change it back to the base resolution for example 44.1 kHz than increase it. So I am ramping it up.

I was just playing a song upsampled to 786 and it was fine until it played the next song.

I have a 6700K chip so plenty of power I believe.

Create a support entry and fill in all of the requested information.

What DAC is being used?

786khz is much more prone to jitter than 44.1khz. It is also much harder to transport over any transmissionline, be it a spdif cable, internal printed circuit layout and even inside receiver chips. It is much more sensitive to bad contacts, impedance mismatches and so on. You don’t add any data by upsampling, it dos not magically transform 44.1 files into highres content. If it sounds brighter or ‘more detailed’ it probably does because of added jitter. Upsampling is also a lossy process, you loose some information rather than gaining any. Besides there is a change of digital clipping with upsampling.

So the problem is most probably a syncing problem caused by the difficulties of transporting 786khz data in real time. Stick with lower bitrates or don’t use any upsampling at all.

Anything that cannot reliably do 768k is faulty or badly designed. It isn’t hard to do technically at all. The correct approach here is to see the hardware being used and research for the issue experienced.

It is a Pro-ject S2 soon to be replaced by a Topping D90. Hopefully it will operate better.

Something to check might be the firmware on the S2.