I can not play AAC format file, why?

After 6 hours of trying to do this, I have done it.

I’m not IT literate, hence taking the time, but all the guidance above helped, even if it didn’t really make sense to me.

In the end I went with Pascals copy and paste. A bit challenging knowing which bit of the new folder should be copied, but it seems to work.

Thanks you guys…and gals

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Thanks for this Danny.


Adding my voice as another user with this problem. Roon is running on as SSD drive on QNAP TS451+, which hosts my local music. Roon shows “Nothing Playing” when AAC format files are played. Same issue playing TIDAL via Roon.

My workaround inside Roon is to disable Tidal and unselect all AAC files. For streaming, I bypass Roon entirely and use the TIDAL app. Very unsatisfactory.

@Pascal_Simons, I’d also appreciate getting a copy of your guide, if possible. Thank you!

Success! Thanks very much for this.


QNAP have another firmware update available, will loading this mean I have to fix the AAC bug again?

Possibly you will need to change it to point to the other version of ffmpeg again.

Thanks. Now, it`s work!!

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Hi Chris,

I updated my QNAP firmware yesterday (TS-251) and the ffmpeg file hasn’t been changed. Which means the fix is still in place (but also means that QNAP haven’t fixed the bug yet). Hopefully will be the same for you too if you decide to upgrade.


Thanks for that Danny, I’ll take the risk later today. :sunglasses:

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Just updated my QNAP TVS 471 with no issues…
After updating the Multimedia app, I had to do the Telnet thing again to restore AAC playback.

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Ok. I’m an amatuer, but game to try this. I got ffmpeg installed. I got Putty installed. I got logged in. But then I got to this screen and I don’t how to actually get to /usr/local/medialibrary/bin.

I got to the screen below and I don’t know what to do next.


Oh wait. I get it now. You have to quit the shell first. Playing with DOS when I was 11 is helping.

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Did you manage to get it working?

Things seems to be working now.

I was also having issues with my library because of over 1500 files less than 10kb. I found an old post that highlighted this as a known issue and deleted all of them.

Is there a ‘Read this first’ troubleshooting post? Seems like there must be a top 10 things to check to get Roon working properly. I don’t know how a total computer newbie would figure all this out.

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Hello, was solved manually following the process to install ffmpeg, thanks

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Also slove my problem. Thank you so much.

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