I can't access 'allmusic.com' after install Roon

Hello. I’m a annual member. I’m from South Korea.
I have a problem:
I know both of Roon and allmusic.com get music data from ‘Rovi’.

Anyway, after installing Roon, I can’t access ‘allmusic.com’.
When I open the allmusic.com, they say “The requested URL could not be retrieved”
Is it normal?


Access to http://www.allmusic.com/ is not affected by the installation of Roon.
There must be some other factor at play here.

Maybe there is some form of GeoBlocking going on now with All Music?

Can you access other sites from that device?
Are you able to test access using a different device?
Try rebooting current device
Try rebooting router

Thanks Carl.

I predicted your answer, because I search this forum but I can’t find such a problem.
During a few days, I have rebooted that computer many times, and rebooted router.

For my computer, everything is OK, but can’t access ONLYallmusic.com’. (after install Roon)
All of my web browsers - chrome, edge, internet explorer have same problem.

Another desktop PC and ipad have no problem to access allmusic.com.

I’m an audio reviewer, and an editor of webzine related audio and music.
I wonder this problem is caused by, by any chance, I’m in Korea.
Do you ever heard about this problem from Asian or Korean members?

I know www.allmusic.com recently made changes to their site and it block connections when the browser is using Advert Blockers. Are you using an AD blocker on that machine?

If you can access www.allmusic.com from the same location using other PCs etc. (assuming you not using a proxy with them) then I don’t see it being related to your source IP address.

I do not use ad-blocker or proxy. and my another PC can access allmusic with no problem.
Anyway, in your opinion, my problem is not related Roon,
I want to believe it also.

Then I have to find out the reaseon.
Maybe my PC is changed by me or other programs…
Thank you.

There is no way Roon did this. It’s purely coincidence – something else happened.

can you try clicking here and posting a screenshot of your result: LINK

Thanks Danny.
I also think that is a coincidence.
But, It is too strange. my other pc and ipad (at the same network) have no problem.
And all of my web-browser at that PC (installed roon), can’t access.
After reset internet explorer, the same screen…

I could not solve the problem yet.
This is the screenshot link

When I have had similar inexplicable behavior on my system, I reboot entire network. Not simply powering down router, but unplugging it as well. There may be a scrambled table in the router - or an address got blacklisted by mistake.

I learned this from my ISP who walked me through the process of rebooting - powering down by unplugging - my entire network from cable modem through the router and switches. It worked.

Good luck.

Thanks dbtom2. i’ll try as your suggestion.