I can't access my flac files transferred from my cd

So I had 250 cds ripped to flac files so I could access all this on my computer. I created a folder on my desktop called “cd collection.” I then copied everything to this folder. I went to settings and storage on roon and selected “cd collection.” When I tried to play a file using roon from this folder I was told “this folder appears to be empty.” Well, within the folder on my desktop is another folder called 1056-flac. And within that folder are folders for every cd. And within that folder are the music tracks for each cd. So I imagine somehow Roon isn’t seeing any of this. How do I get Roon to see the flac files so that I can play them? It’s a bit frustrating.

Strange. Was Roon able to import the tracks into your library?

If I click on a single file, I am asked "do you want to import this file? If I say yes, I don’t seem to be able to find the file. Do you know where it goes when you import it? Sorry if this sounds naive, but I am not a computer expert, just a music lover. Also, I’m wondering if your question suggests I would have to import the tracks one by one. With 250 cds this would be a lot of tracks!

Where are you clicking on files? In my experience, it’s not possible to click on a file in Roon unless the track has first been imported into Roon’s library.

I right click on the file in the desktop folder in which I have put all the flac files in the flac folder from the ripping company. I right click on the file and click on “open with…roon”. I then see the roon screen "do you want to import these files to your Roon library? I click “yes.” I see the path ending in “music folder”, which I imagine is the default. I do have a music folder on my desktop. I go to this folder. The file I just tried to “copy to your roon directory is not there.”

Ooooof. Don’t do that.

You need to properly import that folder full of music if you want to use Roon.

Ah, I corrected the path an now I can import one flac file at a time. Do you know how I can import an entire folder?

Go to the Storage tab on Roon’s settings and add the folder there.

Try the Knowledge base on Storage

Maybe start here

Roon is designed as a stand alone player , it stores all it’s data locally and self manages any imports of files in it’s “Watched Folders”, once running the concept of folders and file managers just disappear. Folder Navigation is one of Roon Management’s absolute NO NO s