I Can't Take It Anymore!

TBF I’m not trying to explain the method behind Roon Radio’s madness. Have had to turn it off now following a persistent attempt to play some Rod Stewart…

No jesting, it played plenty of Van and The Doors following Let it Bleed and I’m a big fan of both.

Oh, Ok. Not criticizing your music tastes.

I thought you meant to say ‘Jim Morrison and The Doors’.

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I would deffo have Bruce, stones, van M on the same playlist so perhaps in my case roon might learn to play them.

So does Valence cater for the individual taste or just for the masses?

Check out this post by @brian (and his later replies in that thread). It’s a great overview of how things work under the hood, but also how we’re measuring the success of Roon Radio.

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Well, i think my Roon Radio had a senior moment a couple of days ago. After playing some vintage rock, blues rock with a scent of folk RR went ahead and chose some Ozzy O, Deep Purple etc. After a few songs the swedish female DJ duo Rebecka & Fiona blasted out of my speakers, i mean, wtf? Sure, better than Bruce for sure! :rofl:


It seems if you have a tendency to favor some of the big 70’s artists, Roon Radio can suck you into a vortex with Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, The Eagles, etc.
Probably because a whole lotta Roon users love to listen to The Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, The Eagles, etc. There is a huge center of gravity that light can barely escape. Best to not get too close to the edge.


You’re ok in my book, killdozer…


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It depends on what you feed it with. It’s better for the fields you don’t know as much about than your specialist subject.

But how would you now it was ‘better’? When it is feeding me classic rock, I’m on familiar territory and can spot when it loses the plot. When listening to a sequence in another field of music I am far less likely to know if it is doing a good job of it.

I love the optimism and generosity of spirit that drives this answer!

I in my curmudgeonly way figure that if it doesn’t work well for the fields I do know about, it’s probably also failing for the fields I don’t know as well.

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Apologies I didn’t phrase that right.
I meant it seems to work better if you start slightly off things rather than plumb in the mainstream - if you want something slightly different.
Bruce will always be mainstream but John fogerty might give more of an interesting ride.
The caveat being that if you go too much to the side then there isn’t enough people playing it to give a good base.

Well I do know something about folk for example but not as much as I do about pop rock.
It’s definitely pot luck what works and what doesn’t.
My wife has a fairly narrow band of what she likes so starting it off with an ABC, Duran Duran, Human League track them it just plays the hits, which she loves.

But Bruce and John Fogerty makes sense. Bruce and The Stones makes no sense. To me anyways. And also, every single time? I don’t know. Bigger things to worry about but was just wondering if there was something I could do to help the algorythim or whatever.

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There is. Favourite the artists, albums, tracks you like and ban the things you don’t want appearing.


Have you tried hitting the thumbs down button when Bruce comes on?


This reminds me of my old iPod days where I had a 5th generation unit that LOVED Randy Travis. If I shuffled all my songs it would be playing Randy all the time even though he was like 0.04% of my collection.

It was a deep and abiding love between that little ipod and Randy.


Sorry to have to come to the conclusion that what Brian wrote at the time doesn’t translate to real life, especially the parts about every user’s individual listening habits. Quite the contrary actually because Roon Radio consistently bombards me with Bloody Elton John. I never play the bloke of my free will.

This is supposed to be a learning algorithm, innit?

It’s had a long time to learn now and frankly it doesn’t pass the litmus test.

It’s probably a close relative of that inept search function.

I vote less bragging and more actual performance.


My first pathological dislike for a musician was for BS. I think it must have been BITUSA being played on the jukebox all the time. I’m sure he’s a lovely guy but can’t stand his music.

I have his albums in my library but no desire to hear him.
I’d just delete the albums - problem sorted.