I Can't Take It Anymore!

Ok I admit, I’m a Rolling Stones addict. I have a huge collection of Stones boots and studio albums etc, all meta tagged in my Roon Library. How come EVERY SINGLE TIME a Stones album finishes playing, Roon continues with BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN??? Not kidding. Every single day after every single Stones selection, a BS song comes on. I NEVER play Bruce Springsteen. I have his albums in my library but no desire to hear him. What does he have to do with the Rolling Stones? How and why is this happening? I mean he’s not even British! Lol. Do I have to go ''favor" a bunch of albums, is that why? How does this work exactly?
Thanks. Sorry for the drama. I just can’t stand it anymore.


Switch roon radio off would be a start. :slight_smile:
Go to Bruce Springsteen artist page and set it to barred - double click on the heart to set it to a no entry sign, that should remove him from Roon radio.
Get to love Bruce?

Might have to do it here too


Open your queue and deselect “start after the music ends” (bottom right corner). And voilà, no more BS … :sweat_smile:


To keep the theme of Britishness that should be favoUr. :joy:


Haha well I used to love Bruce but so much now. Since he started the fake southern twang and became some kind of Woody Guthrie/Hank Williams/American Icon in his head he lost me. Plus he just does not sound good after The Rolling Stones. I shall go bar him as you suggest. Thanks!

I don’t mind music to keep playing but you know perhaps Muddy Waters or The Yardbirds or something related The Stones. Just not Bruce Springsteen. I mean wth?

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Roon radio is driven mostly by the play habits of the masses. I bet a lot more play the stones and Bruce together than the yardbirds.
Not arguing about what should be just what is.


Not sure this has happend to me when playing The Stones.

Just did a live test and put on the first Stones track that occurred, Gimme Shelter. Roon Radio picked another Stones track to follow it, ‘Factory Girl’ and has Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix lined up next. ‘Based on your queue’ it says…?

try playing an entire stones album and see what happens. Not kidding every time I play a Stones album Roon plays Bruce Springsteen after.


OK will do. Roon has a groove on at the moment though, Stones, Hendrix, Beatles, Doors, Dylan, Neil Young… :grinning:


Stop it. LoL

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After an entire uninterrupted Exile on Main St. Stones Album, Roon selected Jimi Hendrix Purple Haze.

I’ve just listened to Let it Bleed in its entirety. I was looking forward to my “Brucey bonus” but Roon’s gone straight into Van Morrison and Sweet Thing with The Clash up next. As I said, I actually wanted to hear a Bruce track so perhaps Roon’s just feeling contrary :wink:

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Bullseye! After Jimi Hendrix, the Who, The Clash, Creedance Clearwater revival, T. Rex and Neil Young, we have Bruce with Born To Run! Of course, in a show of solidarity I gave it a thumbs down and it was replaced by the mighty Led Zeppelin giving No Quarter.


Hahaha you guys are funnnnny. Well I don’t know what to say. All I get is Brucey. And I usually hit stop and I actually don’t pay attention to the queue so not sure what would come up next. I will look today and see if it matches any of yours.

Eight tracks down the Roon Radio road and Backstreets is on, Bruuuuuuuuce.

In truth most of Roon’s selections seem to reflect my love of Van Morrison and The Doors.

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but see after the stones why would it even play bruce springsteen? at all? or perhaps I just misunderstand? Should it not be playing relateable content to what you just played?

how is bruce a reflection of van and the doors? I don’t get that at all. It’s like why not Mozart into the Sex Pistols then?

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