I’d Rather Go Blind

This is a popular tune that doesn’t seem to pick up versions.

No Versions

An extra credit from the Rod Stewart album does not help. In fact I had to create an artist although one already exists. See below.

Any ideas?

I assume this is your own rip. When I added the tidal version to my library I had no problems…

If you identify the album with the first offered, does the track get ID’d?

EDIT. Just noticed, it’s not linking with my other library versions (e.g.Rod Stewart). And those are not linking to non-library versions. Something funny.

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Yes, this is my own rip and none of my other versions show versions, they should I would think.

Although it does when I look at Never a Dull Moment…

Oops, our comments crossed. We are in agreement I think. In cases like this, I merge compositions…
which has done the trick here

Versions are not present on the Storyteller compilation all though composer credits are…

Curious but a great song…

Shapes of Things is another one. It’s on ‘Storyteller’ and Jeff Beck ‘Truth ‘ album with composer credits and no versions.

Yup. I’ve got it on Bowie’s Pin Ups, and it’s not linked, but it is on Best of Beck. Oh well…

I expect there are plenty more, but it’s one way to re discover music :joy:

This is one of the areas where I think Roon can do a lot better. There are many instances in Tivo’s metadata where a song performed by an artist has composition credits and many of the same song performed by the same artist without any composition credits. As far as I can see Roon doesn’t conflate these even though there’s arguably a strong case to do so.

I suspect also that if an album is “unidentified” within Roon then an instance of a track performed by an artist is also ignored, even when composition credits are present and match those of other instances of the same track performed by the same artist within your collection. One gets the impression there’s very little intelligence / enrichment being applied to the data received from metadata sources.

Seems a similar set of issues to those covered here:

This may be true sometimes, but not always; here’s one of mine…

On the point of Roon and intelligent metadata, @mike has posted this useful summary.

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