I dare to say I’m happy

Hi everybody

I use roon for 2 years now and I dare to say I’m more than happy with it.
Forums are places to talk about our disappointments, needs or complains and I got that and it is normal and I do it.

Even if it is not perfect: IPad remote, not every streaming music services all over the world, bugs etc…

Of course they have to take care about their clients to keep on growing and they still have a lot to provide but for me:
It is the closest thing to plug and play without being concerned by AirPlay, Bluetooth, compatibilty between devices, it can send music over mostly any devices as long as you have the right material.

And so far I don’t care at all with Apple Music and amazon as they don’t provide HD music streaming whether they will be included or not is not a concern to me as long as they are not HD.

For me it is the One software to rule them all :rofl::joy: as long as they do what I want to be implemented in the future :wink:


When you are happy with something you express yourself less. I am lucky to be part of this group.

I am very happy with ROON, I have had a lifetime subscription for 4 years now.
When I see the evolution of this software since these beginnings, I congratulate myself every day for having made this bet. :slight_smile:

Obviously, the perfect software does not exist but ROON is the one that comes closest …


I agree that Roon is superior to any other service. If I had to use the Tidal or Qbuz software, I would not be streaming music.

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Just want to echo the positivity. I’m a very recent Roon’ie and love it! By far the best advance in my music enjoyment since I discovered an early Apple TV’s ability to play my ripped CDs to my music system. I’ve just built my second Raspberry Pi + HifiBerry Roon endpoint which allows to me to listen to Roon on an ancient Rotel receiver plus a pair of AR-18 bookshelf speakers.
(Can’t afford a lifetime subscription, and if I could I’d still prefer to support the Roon development team with my annual subscription!)


How dare you! :wink:

…I can be a bit ‘grumpy’ on this forum sometimes, but have been using it for years now and never felt the need (yet) to switch to another player, also because indeed Roon (still) is the best.

The only reason I sometimes complain a bit is because I want Roon to remain the best. For that, they need to keep developing. However, still crazy after all these years… :slight_smile: Enjoy the music!


Ditto on the happy camper comments. I’ve had Roon for almost a year now and it really makes a difference, reliable, convenient and having the music all through the house is something I’ve always wanted. Still can’t believe how easy it was to implement.


I love Roon, I have had it since 2017 and I hope it continues to grow and improve. I enjoy the forums too. Happy days!


Same for me. I’ve been Rooning for about 2 years, and I’m very happy with it. Roon is close enough to perfection (for me anyway) so I have zero complaints.
Hi-fi for me is not having all possible features, it’s about sounding good and providing no nonsense access to my favorite tunes. And even helping me to get to know my next favorite tunes as well. So thumps up!

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We all know beneath that gruff exterior…

There’s an even gruffer interior :grin:


Like to add my 2 cents here and thanks to @Benjamin_Forgeot for starting this. It’s too easy to complain and never enough time to say thank you sometimes…

I am also a very happy Roon user.

I have a rather complicated home setup with over a dozen zones with a bunch of endpoint / DAC combos: Lumin U1/ Chord Dave/Blu, Lumin U1 Mini / Dutch & Dutch 8Cs, Sonore Signature Rendu SE / Chord Hugo TT/mScaler, Sonore Signature Rendu SE / McIntosh MX160 (via usb), Nucleus / McIntosh MX160 (via HDMI for multichannel music), multiple Bluesound Node 2s (endpoint and DAC), multiple NAD CI720s (endpoint and DAC)…

To be able to play HD (minimum of 192K in all zones and up to 768K in the Chord setups) synchronized music from my collection, streaming services and radio, with convolution filters and DSP running in multiple zones, across all of these varied devices combos with integrated meta data and synchronized lyrics is frankly astounding IMHO…

While users with much simpler setups can chose quite a few options along with Roon to play music, in my setup, Roon is the only system that could make all this work together in the way that it does.

Like many, I have had some issues that had to be overcome (and were with the help of great support), and I hope Roon keeps pushing development to enhance the system, improve the UX, improve metadata, integrate more streaming options, etc – but I also want to thank them for creating an amazing system.

Keep up the great work!


I am happy with Roon. It works well for me for several reasons, I think.

My use case is simple. I never play to more than one zone at a time, little or no DSP.
I have a good quality ISP. While AT&T U-Verse is only 50/12, it is very reliable.
I have quality equipment, Roon Nucleus, Oppo 203, Meridian Prime, ATV 4K, and Dragonfly Cobalt.
My Nucleus, Oppo, Meridian, and ATV are all connected with ethernet.
For Roon control devices, I use a Dell XPS 15, iPad Mini 4, and iPhone 11 Pro Max.
I have only 4 albums of my own. For whatever reason, Tidal and Qobuz always work.


Did you ever have more albums Jim?

Not digital, except for a couple I deleted from Roon. Years ago, I had lots of vinyl. I turned 16 in 1963 and had all (or most) of the original Beatles albums and lots more over the years. They are all gone now.

Didn’t have this one:


I am also an extremely happy Roon user. It has really transformed the listening experience in our house. The setup is pretty simple - core on a headless Mac mini feeding a Lumin T2 via ethernet and into a Hegel H190 via XLR. Control is usually my Macbook Pro. Sounds fantastic. Occasionally use another Mac mini as an endpoint in the office. Never have any problems that are not related to our extremely variable internet provision over the cell phone network (when streaming Tidal only).

I really like the interface, the integration of Tidal and local files, and all the information available on albums and artists, as well as the suggestions for other music. It’s certainly worth the annual fee.


I have been using Roon for about 2 years and love it.
Never had a real problem. Granted, I did pay extra for 750mbps internet which is fast and reliable.
Simple set up - which is the KEY to problem free operation.

RG-11 cable to router,
Wire-world CAT 7 cable to a NUC powered with a Keces LPS.
NUC has Rock on one internal SSD, music on another internal SSD, backup USB drive.
Output through USB Audioquest Chocolate to IFI USB Purifier to a Pro-Ject DAC feeding a Keces headphone amp.
Remote is a dedicated Windows tablet.
Done. Simple.
I use a notebook with an iFi ZenDac/Headphone amp as an endpoint when I am working.

Roon - keep up the great work!

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Add me to the list of happy users. I’ve been a lifetime subscriber for a little more than four years.


I’ve been using Roon 3 or 4 years now and overall I’m very happy with it. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best option going. Yes there have been a few hiccoughs along the way but it’s a work in progress. It’s the most immersive music listening experience I’ve ever had and I would never want to go back to any of the alternate means of accessing and playing digital media. I can’t believe that a lifetime subscription is so cheap. I hope they keep selling more subscriptions so they can keep the lights on, I recommend it to anyone who wants to have the best digital music experience.


What I can not stand is that forum starts to become a Twitter like mostly about complaining about missing features which is fine but it is done in a sarcastic way by same people always.
People that are probably so successful running big companies and managing thousands of people that their truth are definitive and not to be discuss…
I think they do not listen to music but just jump on every complaining discussion.

They are sarcastic and not very nice to people…
To me it is like most of hifi forums.
If it is going that way, as hifi, people will leave the forum.
Can’t we discuss in a constructive way and explaining why I miss this or that feature?

I won’t speak for others but I go on few US and French hifi forums and you always see same people and not many new comers that are pleased to share or ask for advices and help…Roon is going this way unfortunately…

They should look at what you get for 9€ per month in this world…


Whether it is COVID driven and/or frustration instigated, I personally have never been on a hobbyist forum in which the predominance was not expressions of irritability and disappointment. If I see a thread going the direction to which Mr. Forgeot refers, I cease to read the thread.

I have Netflix, Prime, MBO MAX, HULU, AT&T (network) etc. Roon+Qobuz is quite a bargain.

I have had absolutely nothing but pleasure from Roon/Qobuz. It has worked from the first day, not a problem in the 13 months of subscribing. I personally would not (for us) buy a lifetime subscription since the difference between annual and lifetime subscription gives me more money to lose in the stock market. Buy high, sell low. Works for me every time.

For any problems I have encountered (with my hardware) there have been those on the Community that gave great advice/support.

I do not spend hours per day listening to my stereo system. I do not have the available time, and sitting for extended periods interferes with my ADHD nature.

Roon refined how I listen, leading me to consider selling one of my two CD transports. I would then likely redirect those funds into a permanent turntable purchase.


I’m very happy with Roon and appreciate the large number of people that come to this forum to help each other out. I ignore the negativity as much as possible!