I didn't see it coming (Tidal replacing albums with MQA only)

I will admit, I didn’t see it coming.

I knew Tidal would continue to add MQA releases, of course.

I hoped that instances in the past couple of years of Tidal new releases being seeded in MQA-only format were an anomaly.

I definitely didn’t see it happening that Tidal would start deleting Redbook FLAC versions of existing material on its platform to replace them with MQA.

I’ll give Qobuz a try but I’m not optimistic they’ve plugged their library gaps in the indie genres I like. I still hear of weird orphaned album collections littering up Roon too.

It will be interesting to do a Soundiiz migration and see just how many of the thousand or so Tidal albums I have favourited make it across.


In my situation Qobuz matched for about 70% (indie, alternative rock, psychedelia, singer songwriter). Had a recent (re-)check with same result.
Still waiting for Deezer Hifi to be integrated with Roon…


Eek. Not great.

Was that manual searches or a service?

Step 1: Using Soundizz for doing the bulk
Step 2: Check all the missing items manually

To be honest I’m not surprised by your findings on indie etc music.

My impression is that Qobuz is doing well with classical, jazz and mainstream modern popular music

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I’m disappointed to. I had both Q and T for months but found Q lacking in many genres I like so I dropped it. MQA sounds like crap to me. I’m revolting and spending some time with my local library for a few weeks and then I’ll decide what to do.


I lost about 20% or so when I moved to Qobuz from Tidal. Mainly 90s to 2010 less well known “indie” or “Pitchfork” type stuff. These days I’m mainly a classical and Jazz listener, for which Qobuz is better.

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Yeah, unfortunately that’s my listening in a nutshell :cry:


Give it a try, you might be surprised. I switched earlier this year from Tidal to Qobuz and was missing just a handful out of several hundred, and i would consider my favourite genres would be indie, punk and metal (maybe these days a lot of other genres thrown in :-))
(Edit: though my key years would be late 70s to mid 90s)


I agree, the Tidal MQA only direction is troubling. Personally, I wonder if this a phase one move by labels towards flipping the DRM bit in MQA.

I have Qobuz, too, but have been transitioning away from them to Tidal, mainly for Tidal apps. Also, I fear Qobuz is struggling. No concrete evidence, just a feeling based on pace of app development and response to customer issues.

If Spotify comes out with a lossless tier, all bets are off. I’m guessing they haven’t because Tidal/Deezer/Qobuz subs are a rounding error for them. And probably Amazon HD subs, too, although that might nudge them.


I think it will be worth it to try. I can sub to Soundiiz for a month for just £4.50 and get a free trial on Qobuz, so there’s very little to lose.


Why not use both services simultaneously for a while and decide later…

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That’s what I did. I also transferred my albums to Spotify (free account), just as a reminder of what I had on Tidal. These days Tidal say they keep your favourites even when you end your subscription, should you want to rejoin later.

The MQA move is pretty crap really…


You will be missing quite a lot. Qobuz is not great for a lot of stuff, its the reason I still keep Tidal.

I just moved to Qobuz from Tidal because of the MQA move… Lost a about 25 albums of my 900ish. I have iTunes for my family (ease of use in Apple ecosystem), so I truly need listen those missing ones they are in Apple Music (obviously not hires though)

I really like the possibility to buy hires albums in Qobuz. :slight_smile:


Can someone comment on how you actual “move” from Tidal to Qubuz.

Do you have to manually add all the records and songs in playlist? That sounds exhausting!

soundiiz.com will do it.

It’ll cost 5 dollars/pounds/euros etc… Well worth it…

https://www.tunemymusic.com was free for single move and moved my Tidal library to Qobuz in about 5 minutes. There is monthly fee if you want to keep both in sync, but one move was free. :slight_smile: