I do not like this BAND, not just song

Other than perhaps it is a difficult feature to code it is a mystery why this isn’t already an option. I want to eliminate bands from ever playing in a roon radio stream queue, not just one of their shi**y songs. That addition would be very welcomed. :slight_smile:


Like Cold Play and Joni Mitchell?!

Click on the Heart icon twice in artist view to ban.

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Joni Mitchell, huh? Interesting…

Yeah, the tone of her voice just chaps my hide. Dylan used to do it to me when I was young then I discovered more of his work.

Yeah for a whole genre it would be nice, too. Like jazz, it’s just an excuse to play wrong notes.

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Sweet. Thanks!

Sadly I still hear Bruce Springsteen in some of my roon radio streams so perhaps it kinda works but not fully. I should be able to never hear Poison or Ariana Grande. Or Bruce. Thanks for the tip though. Perhaps it does lower the times I hear artists I’ve attempted to block.

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Indeed, genres would be good but jazz, nah. That would eliminate 30% of my audio experience. Losing jazz would be like losing a family member. No thanks. Now, contemporary country, sure. It’s just an excuse to motivate yourself to suicidal thoughts.