I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

Hi @Hans-Kristian_Bakke and welcome to the forum. I’ve monitored my core process on a Linux box for some months and it does indeed leak memory. Things get a little clunky when resources are stretched, then the core reboots and the cycle starts again. My core’s a 16Gb NUC and it takes about 3 days to eat through the full allocation.


There is always the one who wants to appear cool and funny, and who explains to others that they did not understand anything or do not know how to do things.


Mods have temporarily slowed posts to once an hour in this thread as it was deteriorating into an off-topic personal argument. If you find yourself getting into an argument with another user you might consider muting them rather than responding.


I am restarting the SERVICE, not the HOST. The system is 100% stable and roon don’t crash.

Where is your specific thread, you can’t honestly expect any support from this mess of a 1000 complaints, see above the mods are getting close to closing it as it’s descending into personal abuse like all these kind of thread do eventually

Be specific detail your system and let’s see what we can suggest

Tech support starts here. I haven’t a clue what OS you are using or anything about you network kit

It’s over to you now to help yourself by providing facts :sunglasses:

A core memory leak has been noted by a few users and it’s not new to 1.8. Here’s a link, monitoring still in place. The results for 1.8 might look a bit more promising but haven’t checked properly yet. I have about 6 months of data for this now:

Before blaming the user - as mods have noted, unfortunately a very common thing here - you could have easily looked up his support request from a week ago.


Click on my name, after which you can easily access said thread if you’re actually interested in providing more than snark.

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Must say I read all these criticisms with a level of astonishment. I too have no problem finding track lyrics for what’s playing or the track or album credits - in fact I was impressed how the update gives you grouped contributors with the tracks on the album they worked on.

As for the complaints of glitches and crashes, I fortunately haven’t experienced any of these problems, nor have any of my family who all use Roon. No issues with viewing the streaming information whilst listening either.

If I didn’t like the font sizes, colours or amounts of ‘negative space’ it would not have sent me into an apoplectic fit quite frankly! At times it seems this community space has sadly become a place for toxic opinions, or people having technical issues but without first explaining any details for people to provide the assistance they need - unless that is, they’re not interested in finding solutions and are so consumed with anger and bitterness?

This is lost on me personally and all it makes me want to do is switch off and not participate in the discussion or move to another topic (or just do something else with my day!). That way no one gets anything useful from it. Just sayin’… :wink:


I can not speak for others, but my feeling is that Roon 1.8. may have been a big failure in terms of expectation management. Expectations were raised quite high with the marketing campaign prior to release. It was the first time it was done in such a way and it was raising expectations very high, while at the same time being rather vague on individual functions.
So there have been personal disappointments to people who are passionate about their hobby.
What I also think has contributed to the atmosphere and tone of reactions is the feeling that you need to exaggerate in order to get heard. There have been numerous threads about functionality requirements and reported bugs/glitches in the past that have been completely unanswered by Roon. So I think a lot of people (including me) took the new release as a point to readress these issues. So what you see currently is probably a mix of stuff people don’t like about 1.8 in general combined with lots of “old” stuff they hoped to be fixed from what they heard in the marketing announcements.


Only you can see the posts you made

All I can see is posts in the current thread

Then your are maybe not quite accustomed to the functionalities of this forum. You can look at an op‘s posts and you would have quickly spotted his Support request.

That’s what I did above and I dont think I have super-user rights here :wink:

Doing the same in the future would diminish the risk that you blame somebody again for not having properly filed his/her issues to the support team to look at.

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Click on the avatar to bring up the avatar box, then click on the avatar in the avatar box to bring up the profile page, then click on the Activity tab to see posts.

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Never knew that , I suppose I never needed it

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I don’t get your math. If 500 of 5000 active forum users complain, that already makes that 10%, right? From all those that are silent you will never know where they are sitting.

Look at that recent poll here where close to 1000 users participated. About half where not in the happy-camp.

Average those numbers and you are well within the 20% number I mentioned.
Go to the iOS App store and count all those 1 or 2 star votes.

Its not even relevant what exact percentage is not happy. The evidence is overwhelming that this update quite obviously went anything but well.

I like the fresh UI design. Let them fix all those bugs / broken features and we will eventually get there.

I am hopeful. I used to have to reboot daily (sonicTransporter i5); but, with 1.8, I haven’t needed to yet.

Working fine on Win 10 here. Backups too. Weird.

We are currently approaching 250k.

Every Roon user has a community account, but about 60k logged into this site ever.

We get about 100k users (inuding many anonymous and logged in) visiting and reading every month.

About 1000 users like a post or write post a day.

The vocal community is an extremely important, but extremely minor part of Roon users as a whole.

That said, this whole thread is a good example of the echo chamber.

Overall, we see this was one of most successful updates, with the least complaints and most signups.


Isn’t that offensive to the people genuinely feeling this was a poor update and backwards step?

I guess after the last major update over the weekend or was it the holiday period, this update was an improvement; anything would be an improvement.


If that gentleman (whatever-his-function-is in this company) is posting offensive posts and insults his users then what can you expect from that software? Alternative facts?