I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

There’s lots of research on appropriate color selection for user interface design.

You could look at the Air Force guide to user interfaces (due to their work with fighter pilot cockpit design they’re often thought to be the experts on this), which says:

Font color. Black text on a white or very light gray background is recommended for maximum contrast and legibility when viewed in office-like environments with normal ambient lighting. White text on a black background also provides high contrast but can reduce users’ reading speed (compared to black text on a white background).

When I was working for a large company with a great deal of experience in user interface design, our internal design guidelines specified at least 50% absolute difference between the luminance values of the foreground and background colors, and 70% was recommended for light-on-dark. I only remember this because I had to build a user interface design tool which enforced it.

Apple’s design guidelines have been a standard in the industry for years. Here’s what they say about color and contrast, specifically:

Use strongly contrasting colors to improve readability. Many factors affect the perception of color, including font size and weight, color brightness, screen resolution, and lighting conditions. When you increase color contrast of visual elements like text, glyphs, and controls, you can help more people use your app in more situations. To find out if the contrast of adjacent colors in your UI meets minimum acceptable levels, use an online color calculator based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) color contrast formula.

Here is such an online color calculator.


This list of open source accessibility checking tools is a good resource. Most are web page based, but mocking GUI pages as HTML is one approach I’ve had joy with. I’m not suggesting abandoning aesthetic judgement altogether but objective data should inform the design process.

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Very interesting. The colour calculator is fascinating. Thanks

Excellent, thanks! I’ll take a look. I did find one stupid user error. When I setup the NAS a couple months ago, I prevented auto-updates until I thoroughly tested it. Never turned it back on. I was still running Core 1.7 It works flawlessly via playback on my phone. I’m thinking I’ve uncovered a problem with my streamer hardware or a poorly terminated CAT6 cable/connector.

I was unfamiliar with the “color contrast formula”, so I found this page:
which explains it.

Our in-house formula I mentioned earlier would allow medium gray text on a white background, which would mean the color contrast would be (1.0 + 0.05)/(0.5 + 0.05), or about 1.9, which is below the Web Accessibility guidelines. For white text on gray, the most we could do would have been white on 30% gray, or about 3. Still not the 4.5 required by the Web guidelines.

When I put in the purple-on-black (#696dc4 on #161616) text from the “dark theme”, I get 3.95, which isn’t bad, but still doesn’t pass the 4.5 requirement. I measured the purple at a different pixel, and got (#696fe1), which is even lighter, and gives a contrast measure of 4.27. So it’s close!

Note that the 4.5 is a minimum. The enhanced standard is 7.

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The ratings in the album overview were not included in the initial release of 1.8, not even as a setting. Roon reacted to user feedback and added the option in the settings in the first update, see its release notes.

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Don’t know if anyone has answered this yet, but 1.8 no longer numbers the tracks in my playlists.

correct, 1.8 no longer provides numbers for the tracks in your playlists.

I was talking about it to all my friends, or people asking question, real user.

Since the ALL NEW 1.8 version (build 64) get out, it’s more like a BIG ■■■■■ MAJOR bug everywhere, i want my precedent version back that was working perfectly well.



Whereas me - I am a big fan of ROON since 1.8 was released. 1.7 was simply paltry.


Yes, for a small number of users it’s not bad

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I just think we are all on the wrong version… we are stuck in some parallel universe…

I think the last couple of seasons of Agents of Shield have warped my thinking on things…


Great arguments, very accurate

So you like it then!!

You are unfortunately right. This version is full of bugs. Many of them Roon has recognized, there is a long list of them somewhere out here. (linked below).

I completely agree this should have never been released in this early beta status, but sh@@t happens and now we all wait for all those bugs to get fixed impatiently :blush:


If you listen always the same 300-400 hundred album you’re qualified.
For me it’s 6 to 10 new album near everyday, and not surfing each album but listen to them entirely, and keep them in my library, with marks and tag. And also not just one kind of music, Classic,Baroque, Opera, Choirs, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Progressive rock, Country, some Pop, Rap, HipHop and instrument speciality. etc…
Recently i have listen to the Ring, Richard Wagner, Directed by Pierre Boulez in one day, 13 hours 45 minutes, try it. But it count for only one album.


Wonderful recording :+1:

Honest question, no irony intended. Would like to understand how Roon impacts all kinds of users as their experiences, good or bad, deepen my knowledge of Roon and inform my decisions going forward.


Ok, I’m a small user…

Bonne chance!

(The Boulez Ring is wonderful, but I’m kinda stuck on the Culshaw/Solti version - part of my dna, I guess)

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You can get therapy you know :joy:

Take a small dose of Solti …then wrap your head in Bohm …

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