I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

Roon have stated the number of users at 100,000 for a while now.
If you click on the ‘hamburger stack’ between the search icon and your icon in this forum, you’ll see two columns. In the right column is “Users”. Click on that and a screen comes up with all kinds of user information. Next to the search box on the right it says “40,776 users”.
I’m an old guy, and remembered 30K instead of 40K. :wink:


" Join 100K+ music enthusiasts" https://roonlabs.com/

I did a lot of software work on the Boeing 787. If I released software like ROON does I would surely be fired and a lot of people would die!!! ROON developers need to adopt some kind of quality software process. At a minimum design reviews and code inspections. Clearly whatever they are using now is NOT working at all. Do they even have a quality department?


Please, how do I downgrade to 1.7? I can’t play my DACs as they are no longer showing up in the “Select Zone” list. And, when I play on a Roon Ready device, the Roon Windows 10 UI doesn’t even update.

I hope the devs are working on this over the weekend, because as it is now, Roon 1.8 is DOA!

UPDATED: rebooting my Nucleus fixed it

I just tested and I can now confirm that my core can’t fly!

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C’mon guys get some perspective.

15 audiophiles haven’t had tooth aches, let alone died as a result of 1.8.

It’s a pandemic, we’re all a bit tetchy, but apart from some acknowledged “mistakes”,

It’s actually a huge improvement once you give it some time.

So calm down, listen to some music over the weekend…



Form over function. I like the new interface, but Roon now is failing to find my connected devices (Mytek Brooklyn and Mytek Liberty). I don’t care how pretty the interface is, if the software doesn’t work.


Hey @Steve_Bjorg have you tried rebooting your core, I also lost my Meridian and Airplay Zones after the upgrade, don’t know if you have already tried it but if not give it a go.

My AirPlay zones are all visible as before. I know it rebooted after the recent upgrade, but I’ll give it a shot. Nothing to lose.

I’ll be darned… lesson learned: Did you try turning it off and on again?


Haha, great show and so true.
My buddy has run his own IT Support company for 15 years and he tells me that this is more often than not the main issue.

I waited for my 1.8 upgrade until today. Loaded 1.8 build 756 for MacOS, and it’s running great and stable so far. Only issue I found was connecting to my Raspberry Pi streamer, but restarting the Roon Core fixed it.

What build version and OS are you running for your core?

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You could sign up for a one year license instead of a lifetime. That might save you some heartburn. Or you could just drop Roon altogether and revisit in six months or so.

As for your “settings being broken”, my light/dark modes work fine. But you might try troubleshooting your problem with the @Support group.

I have a lifetime subscription, and I actually like 1.8 just fine.

Yes, I would have liked to be part of a beta or CAC (Customer Advisory Council) which is something we do in my industry (enterprise cloud software) what works very well to steer product direction, but overall, the changes do work well for my use cases (90% laptop-based).

To be fair, I don’t need Roon or anything. I could happily curl against any API or use any CLI-based client and be equally happy, but I enjoy the overall “relationship with the music” experience.

But what this whole thread has reaffirmed for me is that I never want to work on consumer-facing software, no matter how much I get offered. Yes, there are some very nice folks in this forum, but this is one of the most whiny and annoying communities I’ve ever been part of, never satisfied with any change, and with a sense of entitlement that is borderline laughable. No offense to the folks that just want to provide constructive criticism.

To my brethren software engineers at Roon Labs: thanks for the hard work. I’m sure it needs some tweaks but it’s a nice upgrade. Keep up the good work!

If you don’t like my comment, feel free to mod me down as you wish. Maybe I’ll check the responses in 5 months if I’m in the mood for a laugh. In the meantime, I’ll keep providing positive feedback as I see fit and enjoying my music. You should do the same.


Wait how did you do that? Did you go into the color settings found within the resources pack or something else?

The way Roon cuts off the images in the genre sections is messed up haha

Why is Focus in “My Tracks” harder to use than it was in 1.7? In 1.7, you could change add new filter rules without having to go back in every single time and scroll down like you have to do in this new window in 1.8? And before in 1.7, it showed the total amount of tracks filtered on the top “Focused on 6305 of 8940” but it doesn’t in 1.8?

I love the new statical information displayed on Roon, although I don’t understand why they can’t add more genres so it is not greyed out in the graph?

Why did they remove the force refresh button in 1.8?

I will make this a feature request but why can’t we have the shuffle and repeat button on the same page?


Very well said.

Also a life-subscriber, also like the look & feel of the upgrade, also saddened by the lack of real perspective being shown by a ‘community’ here. Especially in 2021.


I have no technical issues with 1.8 at all. There were a few glitches at the very beginning when their servers were overloaded, but I never had a problem with it working in my home.

It’s just that, like the original poster, I strongly dislike the changes they made to the UI/UX in 1.8. For many of you the changes are positive or not a big deal either way. For me, they seem to have surgically moved, removed or downgraded what I liked about 1.7.

I cloned my entire server prior to the update, so I was able to revert back to 1.7. Words can’t describe how much happier I am with it.

I’ve learned some valuable lessons when it comes to this whole “software as a service” model. You pay for it, but you definitely don’t own it.


did you try clicking on MORE or anywhere inside the Genre Ring, it will pop up a window with your Genre breakdown, my display has 200+ Genres, thus it explains why they made an OTHER category, simply too many to display in the Genre Legend. I wonder what people with like 5 Genre’s get.