I don’t like 1.8 - it feels like a massive failure

Thank you for the sarcasm. The point being that I paid a lot of money for this software and now it’s no longer pleasant to use because someone has decided to change it fundamentally from what it was when I bought it. If it had looked like this when I did…I wouldn’t have!


After I posted I thought it was a little edgy, I’ll delete it. Sorry! It was more a commentary of the whole thread than your post.

I think we should all be posting the things we don’t like and the things we do like as specifically and actionable as possible.

Someone above or other thread posted a good list, but i can’t find it any more.

If we do it properly, if we negate a negative we ought to be left with nothing. We tend to think only the two poles exist, negative and positive. But all the good stuff happens in the empty space between the opposites.


Silly……that’s where the music is……between the notes! :+1:t2:

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I agree. iOS App crashes every 30 minutes. Terrible

We have always known Roon is an evolving product and is never finished. It evolved now and it will evolve again. That was always the deal…

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My iPad Pro has never crashed since launch… interesting…


I thought the same thing.
And there is a helpful lesson in that. You can get smug about how carefully things are QA’d by a 200 person (?) QA department in a $18 Billion dollar company. But change the UI (or don’t adequately train pilots) for the new MCAS system and lots of people do die.
Even the most thoughtful people screw things up in ways that aren’t contemplated at the time. Trying to do things too fast never helps.
For the record, I have the highest regard for Boeing and the 787 is absolutely awesome. S**t happens. Its really a tragedy. This is just music software.

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Be careful… The thread militia will be along in a minute shouting at you for posting happy thoughts here and banning you to the “1.8 is Awesome” thread :wink:


No issues with my iPad Pro, it’s been faultless.


“I was happy in the haze of a drunken hour (1.7)
But heaven knows I’m miserable now (1.8)”

Just to be clear - I’m not miserable now. 1.8 is fine by me. Not noticed too many changes for ways I use Roon. I could almost ask “What difference does it make?”


Humans don’t like change period plus we are all on edge from a year’s worth of Covid…Don’t worry…you’ll get over it…There are some neat new features you’ll stumble on!


I know. Too bad for them!! :slight_smile:

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i dont’t have any problems and i use MBP 2020, iPad and iPhone 12 Pro and Rock
i like the new 1.8 great work…
There are some here that only complain. You should first try out a few days and also look for the new functions and then complain. Roon certainly works hard every day to keep improving it, so please be patient in this difficult time. corona makes a lot of people aggressive.
Sorry my english, greats from Switzerland


I’ve only used it twice so far and the only issue I had was that it did not connect to Tidal on the first listen.

I like the new look and it took no time really to find my way around.
The song lyrics work, the radio works.

My Core is on a Win 10 desktop, my music is stored on an Antipodes server/streamer and the remote is an iPad or phone if my wife is using the iPad and all works well remotely too.

When updating, I tried to do the remotes first as advised in emails but couldn’t unless the Core was running. When I started the Core and pressed update on the iPad and phone, all three updated at once.

Nevertheless, it’s all working great so far but given that I seem to be in a minority of satisfied customers, I’ll keep my fingers crossed whilst still looking forward to this evenings listening sessions.

There is a major difference between evolution and transformation. This is the latter.


Did you send it into orbit Chrislayermqa?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:


I agree, is there a way to revert back to 1.7?

Apparently so, there was a link on one of these 1.8 threads. I think you need to have the Roon 1.7 installer. Perhaps there’s a link around here somewhere.

Sorry I can’t be of greater help!

On a.1 to 5 scale , people tend to avoid extremes 1 and 5

Just a thought