I don't see digi2 Pro in Roon

I’m still rather new to Roon, but I’ve been successfully enjoying RoPieee on a
RasPi4 with a DAC2 Pro HAT for several months. Unfortunately, I’ve had no success with a Digi2 Pro HAT on another RasPi4 with RoPieee.

Initially, my problem seemed to be the known issue with the newer RasPi4 boards that broke compatibility with the original Digi2 HiFiBerry board. I have now obtained a newer Digi2 Pro board that should work with the RasPi4, but I still don’t see it in the Roon Audio Settings.

I sent a feedback message through RoPieee, which returned the identifier: c7fc1c2bd5ff6b7a.

Any suggestions?


There’s a problem reported when the system tries to initialize the HAT.

Either see if it is properly attached (sometimes that’s the case) or use a different HAT.


I’ll give that a try tonight. I thought I had seated the HAT properly, but you never know until you check.

Hopefully it’s just a case of re-seating the board.

But if you can’t get it to work and don’t want to swap to another HAT you could just use HiFiBerry’s own HiFiBerryOS which supports Roon.

That was exactly my plan. I checked, and the HAT is as far down onto the pins as it can go, and the standoffs are all tightened.

I’ve already invested around $100 in this HAT, partly due to the compatibility issue with the new Pi4 revision, so I’m not giving up on it just yet.

I don’t know the details of the modifications that HiFiBerry had to make in response to the Pi4 changes, but it seems possible that RoPieee might have been affected as well. If HiFiBerryOS doesn’t work, then it’s more likely I’ve got a hardware issue. If it does, then Harry might have to consider investigating whether a mod is needed for RoPieee (or not - I can’t say what’s worth his time!).

I also do have issues with “old” digi+ pro on a RPI4, that it isn’t initialized correctly, both with Hifiberry os in the past and just currently with RoPieee.

With Hifiberry os it detected a wrong hat (can’t remember which own, I think the hifiberry dac), with RoPieee all looked good at the web interface but the endpoint was not seen in Roon, spotify detected it but playback was not possible.

What helped in both cases: Unplug the power and hope for next life cycle, in many cases that cured it.