I got ARC build 92 Production from the Google Play Store - normal?

I’m in beta on the Google Store, of course. My remotes and core stayed on the latest earlyaccess, but ARC updated to the latest production that was just announced here:

Not sure if expected, just a heads up in case it is not

Also got production releases as an update, replacing my earlyaccess installs for both Roon Remote & ARC on my Android Pixel phone via the Google Play Store.

Was under the impression that the beta channel only receives EA builds. Could be wrong.

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LOL, and now the OP that was written by me suddenly has @vova’s avatar:

Yep, now it is offering Roon Remote 1167 production to me as well.

Certainly when earlyaccess became public, a lot of users could not connect because they had moved the core to earlyaccess and not the remotes, and everyone was told “everything must be in the same channel”

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This is the Play store, they move users to the highest available number automatically.

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I see, thanks, good to know and fine as long as access to core works and I get future earlyaccess builds :slight_smile:

Still confused by your avatar replacing mine in the OP …

So do I :slight_smile:

EDIT: I Fixed


Aha! funny

Thanks for the prompt reply. Will we be automatically returned to the EA builds upon next release, or are we now on the production branch?

Can you turn off automatic Play Store updates?

Yes, but only for all apps, so is not practical. In the past, after installing the Roon apps from earlyrelease APKs I didn’t get Store updates for them anymore, but updating 2 apps from APK every week got a bit annoying as well, so I switched back to Store updates.

The way I understood Vova, it doesn’t seem to be a major issue??

Not so. It can be done per app. 3 dots, top right. Untick the enable auto-update box.

Huh. Indeed. Didn’t know, thank you!

Nevertheless, if this is necessary, Roonlabs should say so on the earlyaccess instructions, I think. I suppose at the very least it makes reporting of issues way more complex if there are such unexpected combinations

Come on, Roon can’t know every detail about everything. Use some initiative.

Effective version control is not “knowing everything”, it is a core requirement for efficient testing. (Yes, I work professionally in software testing)

When analyzing bugs it is necessary to be precise. You don’t want to waste time trying to reproduce issues that only occur in combinations like core-earlyaccess, remote-production, if these are not expected to be a possible combination in the field.

Maybe Roon have safeguards and this particular combination, when a higher production version comes from the store, is not an issue. That was my impression, and then it’s not an issue we have to worry about, and no need to mess around with selectively disabling store updates or installing APKs.

While I agree this is important to stay away from version/branch mix. Flow is that prior to the release we sync up early access build and what we plan to ship to production. So, realistically you are looking into the same stuff.
I was planning to ship the new early this morning to bump the version but was side-tracked by the release regression, so things went a bit off

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Thank you for clarifying. Now ignore little stuff like this for a little while and relax on the couch with a coffee, beer, etc. What a day for you, but impressive turnaround.


So there is no need to skip the official versions and we can leave the autoupdate option on in Play Store?

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