I have 2 situations which require connection to Roon

I have 2 situations which require connection to Roon.

  1. Within my home I have 1 system streaming HD Tidal audio well (Win 10 with SSD)
    Another system.
    There is an old set of speakers attached to a dated tuner amp in another room (TV room)
    The amp is not HDMI ready and unable to connect to wifi without add ons.
    What is the best way of adding this to my Roon network? I suspect Chromecast may be one way, with HDMI to RCA adapter, but not sure.

  2. I have another separate location with more advanced, but still ageing :frowning: tuner amp (can take HDMI) but mainly designed for high quality video DVD output (Denon AVR-1910 )
    What would be the best way of integrating this to Roon?

I am mainly interested in streaming, rather than accessing a library, at this stage.
As I am only streaming, is there a way I can use Roon account without having to keep my PC running 24 hrs at other location without going to sleep?
Even if only Roon radio?

Hopefully once I get over these hurdles, I will be able to enjoy beautiful music everywhere :slight_smile:


Please see the following:

In summary, to play music irrespective of source, the core needs to be on.

To connect Roon to those amplifiers, you’ll need a network streamer of some sort, but this depends entirely on the digital or analogue inputs available.

If you wait a bit look at the wiim streamers. They say they will be roon ready soon-ish.

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I have a WiiM Mini connected through toslink optical to my good old Harman Kardon AVR135 receiver in the living room. At the moment Roon can only access it as an AirPlay device but it plays pretty well.

The WiiM gives my receiver access to Bluetooth and AirPlay (no Chromecast, only the WiiM Pro can do that). And the WiiM acts as a streamer. I can either use the WiiM’s own app or Roon. Qobuz and Tidal work fine with it.

Seems like the WiiM is best option .Thank you .

Thanks Daniel ,I’ll. give WiiM a go .