I have a problem with Roon and Homepod

I have my Homepod Integrated with Roon.
The first problem that by default after starting the client HomePod is invisible.
To make it available in roon I need to wake Homepod by Siri. Then after several seconds it become visible in Audio systems in roon. I do not have such issues with other Airplay Devices (like my HiFi for example)
If I am using a client then I can select Homepod and other Airplay devices and enjoy the music.
When I quit Homepod become unavailable in roon again. I need to “wake” it by Siri etc…

How to get rid of this crazy ritual of waking HomePod to be visible in roon again?

Moreover, it is a problem also for my scheduled jobs.
I want roon to play music in the morning via HomePod at 6 AM. But it does not work because, I suppose, the same issue - Homepod is invisible in roon.