I have fallen in love with this enclosure ❤️

Been looking around for a fanless NUC case, and I stumbled upon this beauty. I know it’s not for a NUC and my question is, how many of you run ROCK on PC hardware that’s not actually a NUC? Anyone have long-term experience with “normal” PC hardware? I’ve read the MOCK thread, but that mostly seems to be pre-made small clients that’s been used. I’d really like to use the case in my rack. If I could put a NUC inside I would :slight_smile:


If you search the forum for FC10, you’ll see a number of people are using this enclosure already.

My old Win-based streamer/server is in this enclosure (black) and it’s a really nice package. Much more svelte than my new one in this enclosure but the size is necessary to have the greater power and remain fanless.


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4 years nearly on a non NuC Rock core it’s faultless.

This is my Fanless Windows 11 PC with Roon Server and Fidelizer Pro installed.
This case is working perfect for me as a Roon Core only.
Use it with a Auralic Aries 2.1 and IFI Stream, all WIRELESS with no problems.
No switch in use.

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What are those wooden rings for?
And please allow me to comment on execution:
For the sake of electrical safety, firmly attach the power supply to the case, run a protective earth lead from the IEC inlet to the case and insulate the AC wires.
:electric_plug: :zap:


You had to ask…


Poor version of toroidal coils? :yum: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :zipper_mouth_face:

My main Roon Core is built into the chassi you refer to, the Streacom FC10 Alpha with optical drive. It is running Win11 (as it’s hosting a Minim2-server also, redundancy mainly.) and Roon Server.
I also have the “little brother”, the Streacom FC5 Evo, which i have installed a NUC10i7 in, using a silent NUC-kit from HDPlex. It took some handywork, but it’s working splendid today.

The bigger machine has a 10Tb HDD, which is inaudible under normal circumstances. The FC5 has got an 8Tb SSD and no optical slot, hence completely inaudible.

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Could you post the specs of your system?

Cant remember it much as it was long ago ,but its an 7i7 processor, standard ssd in purpose built Fanless custom milled case and a bespoke Bios they set up to manage it thermally, Think it uses a gigabyte board but cant remember as long as you stick with Intel based boards you should be ok.

Looks like the same enclosure used by Small Green Computer for the first i7 Sonictransprter.

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My desktop PC is in an FC8. It’s about five years old now and has been flawless. I may repurpose it as a Roon core when I upgrade to a new desktop machine.

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My homemade Roon core uses a FC10 case, its high quality and faultless - highly recommended.

I use a Streacom DB2 for my Windows PC (to make it integrate more seamless with the rest of my Apple household). While I use an Akasa Turing for my ROCK, I would love to switch to something like this as I much prefer the silver anodized aluminum.

Do enclosures like the one OP posted exist, but made specifically for a NUC?

do you use a NUC or a windows machine? I am looking to install a NUC into either the FC5, FC10 or maybe the NC2 case. Totally depending on the possibility to also include CD ripping.
I heard it is possible with a NUC + Rock, but also heard it’s not faultless

Almost bulletproof. Nothing is perfect but re Roon this is as good as it gets.

The FC5 and FC10 are ATX form factors and will not fit a NUC. Looks like Streacom has discontinued cases for NUCs, but some NC2 cases are still available at Amazon. Of course the NC2 doesn’t allow for an optical drive.

I use neither, its an ASRock mini-ATX motherboard with Optane SSD and an external linear PSU. The OS is Euphony also prior to that I did run Linux. Both configurations were, and have been rock solid for over 2 years, system runs 24x7.

That’s great, and do you use the cd ripping facility? Did you mean ITX or ATX? And Euphony in stead of ROCK, I understand?