I have left the Roon

I am afraid that after 5 years I have let my annual sub lapse, and with a heavy heart because there is so much good about what it can provide and the community that I don’t see elsewhere in the market, but ; -

The really big problem for me is no mobile integrations, something that has supposedly been on the roadmap since I joined and I have renewed each year in the vain hope that some progress would be made, however it seems no nearer.

Because the majority of my listening is on the road in my car, on my bike or down on the boat, I need easy common playlists and access to my library, I have to use Tidal and Apple music for this which is OK but the big problem is that Roon doesn’t even attempt to interface /sync with other apps. I have tried syncing/ exporting playlists using workarounds suggested on the forums but it’s clunky and life is too short.

I love to listen at home on my main system and also using the system in the kitchen, for this Roon is truly excellent but for me that time is a luxury that a busy life doesn’t afford me often enough to get value from the product.

So for now until perhaps I have more time at home and it could provide value then I am afraid I will have to choose something else that actually works around the way I live my life.

I am sure that I am not the only one who finds this a huge stumbling block? if a practical way of working with other streaming software via shared playlists could be found it would add vastly to the broader appeal of the product.

It’s been good.


In my world, I want my music collection to be available wherever I am, so I keep all my music on a Synology NAS and use Audio Station/DS Audio for off premise listening. I run Roon on the NAS with no issues and use Roon for contemplative and exploratory in home listening. Roon on NAS ingests not just all of my music, but the .m3u playlists in AudioStation as well, many of which were created from Audio Station smart playlist functionality first. Audio Station can do some things that Roon cannot, including playlists generated from track years (Roon still only considers Album years, which doesn’t work for compilations).

As a result, I always have the same playlists on the road, and in Roon, and only have to manage them in AudioStation. I love that. A lot. To me, Roon and Audio Station fit together like wine & cheese…a perfect pairing.

Thanks for being an member and hopefully you’ll be back when we release support for Roon outside the home!


Can you expand on how/what/when this will work?

The best solution (for streaming users only) would be if you just fully synced with music services then there would be no need for anything else.