I have stopped posting on this forum because

I have stopped posting on this forum because of the, in my opinion, over zealous moderating such as this. Your post was harly a personal attack! I have also noticed other previously regular posters dropping away. Its the forum’s loss I guess. Anyway I’m back to no longer posting!

There does seem to be a bit of a drive to make the forums a hostile.environment for some. I guess that is the point - those folks stop posting and then we have a happy love fest.

Kinda like winning an election with 105% of the vote.

Bless. My comment that people can express opinions has been flagged “inappropriate” and been removed.

Kinda proves that not everyone can express an opinion. Certainly not contrary ones.


Actually it was the “nobody asked you” part that resulted in this flag being upheld. Opinions about products or ideas are allowed. Personal attacks are not.

That was my response “Fortunately nobody asked you”.

I stand by what I said: Fortunately nobody did ask and fortunately the person wasn’t a moderator otherwise we would be censoring contrary opinions. But then the moderators censored a contrary opinion so I guess the original post had some merit. Or someone did ask them.

Pretty pathetic. If you asked me…

“Stop your trolling” - not a personal attack.
“These guys should be kicked out” - not a personal attack.
“Fortunately nobody asked you” - personal attack.

It does seem that the message behind the “attack” plays a part in the decision process. Which equates to censorship.


I think you’r completely right here. Might have something to do that the moderators are great fans of Roon and not objective to “negative” comments, or interpreter the other side around.

The mods put in a lot of time to keep certain threads on topic and in an effort to keep the forum work for most posters. I appreciate that effort. Sometimes that effort goes awry, though, in my opinion. For example, why is this unlisted?

I understand it is a difficult balance, but I would try to truly limit all this moderating to personal attacks and keeping the forum reasonably organized.

I suspect it was unlisted because initially it appeared that someone had said something and my response was “nobody asked you”. Which is a personal attack.

I don’t think anyone would complain with that - it does seem to be an attack. However the moderator had removed a word from my personal attack - “Fortunately”. Which I think softens it a bit. And also suggests that it was in response to something they had said.

I then quoted the comment I had responded to - which has since disappeared - which I think makes pretty clear where my comment came from.

I suspect this is the new MO.