I heard it on Roon Radio

(Andrew Cox) #1

Roon 1.6 sees Roon Radio discovering a lot more music for us. This thread is to share your favourite discoveries through Roon Radio and your favourite “seed” music.

Roon Radio 1.6 Feedback Thread
(Anders Vinberg) #2

This was my seed, a single from an upcoming album:

And the very first Radio choice was this excellent piece, introducing Barry Guy who I didn’t know (now in my library):

(Tony) #4

I seeded with “5. Shine”. Got a very nice laid back late night queue (with Quobuz).

(Anders Vinberg) #5

I was listening to this blues album, recommended in these pages:

Hit radio and got a slew of great blues I haven’t listened to in ages. Saved them all.

(Anders Vinberg) #6

It’s not all great.
One of my first tests, I was listening to something in my usual avant-garde fare, hit Radio, Roon plaintively said “I can’t find anything like that” and then played sone heavy metal.


I am enjoying it for just playing good songs from albums I have heard before and mostly own (although the version may from Tidal) as opposed to shuffle and old radio which played a 30 second spoken song intro and switched to next selection.

While I have the albums there are still new or forgotten discoveries.

When I seed something less popular or recent I do get sent into unknown territory. I started with Beck “sea changes” in 5.1 and then radio played modern rock bands I was not familiar with. I need more exploration to discover gems.

(Ged) #8

Well stop trying to be so clever and play some Barry Manilow :kissing_smiling_eyes:

(JohnV) #9

Mebbe some Kenny G…

(Andrew Cox) #10

I can feel a new Music thread coming on: “MOR and Easy Listening for Anders”. Maybe Qobuz has Richard Clayderman in 192kHz.

(Ged) #11

I wonder if roon support could helpfully modify his radio algorithm. I hear South American nose flutes playing Kenny G is a great combo.

(Andrew Cox) #12

Sounds avant-gahhhhhh …

(Anders Vinberg) #13

Opening my eyes to new things!
Closing my ears, though…

(Tony) #14

Some Nouvelle Chanson from Qobuz.


I kicked off with “2. Nehemie d’Akkade”. Quite an eye opener. I’m no expert. Probably needs a bit of training (not to turn everything into English :laughing:)

(Sascha T.) #15

Some nice Alternative/Indie from the seed: Eels — In My Younger Days