I know I'm crazy: analog LP signal to Roon endpoints?

Just so I could stream to multiple zones during parties.

Would have to involve a to d converter, Roon endpoint, and DAC correct?

Thx in advance :slight_smile:

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It was discussed a while back, but not sure if there has been any progress.

There are other ways. I use a raspberry pi with an ADC and use it to broadcast an internal radio station, using Icecast2 and darkice, and tune in on Roon and pass to any endpoint.

It clearly doesn’t sinc with the direct signal because of the processing and buffering, but allows me to listen to records in the kitchen


what kind of latency are you feeling here?

Maybe about 3 or 4 seconds, but to be honest the Icecast server has a buffer built in. I haven’t tried to push it down as my main use case is just to play in the kitchen not in both

Hi Matthew, this sounds interesting.
Which ADC are you using?

Not exactly high end but a little Behringer UCA something or other.

It does a job and allows us to listen to any new purchases in the kitchen whilst cooking dinner before they disappear into the main listening room.


I will give it a try with an Udoo quad board and the internal audio input (as a start).

Cool ideas here folks, thanks for chiming in.

The analog sharing function in the Bluesound Node 2 does this easily and gives you MQA ability as well. I think you could do one of them and then get some first gen models for the other endpoints if you wanted to save some cash.

Sorry for the zombie thread. Any progress from your end?