I know Roon will never support folder view, but can I simulate this function on Roon in any way?

I am asking this question becaues I have more than 10T music files and many of them are without proper tags. And even for those with proper tags, not every album can be identified on Roon, especailly for those albums composed of songs/music made by different artiest. With the above being said, if I want to find one specific album in my music library, I have to scroll down thousands of albums before I can locate the right one.

Do you have any suggestion to solve my problem? Thanks in advance!

Just go to albums and use the funnel search. Works for me.

As @Chrislayeruk says, the funnel search is a good way of finding your albums. If that fails, this KB article about the path to your tracks may help.

Once you have found the album, tag it so you can easily find it again.

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This is super helpful, I just have one additional question, but first some background.

I have a large Grateful Dead collection that was originated from legal Torrents. Tagging of these files is hit or miss, but I was always cautious of tagging them myself, as it changes the hash’s on the files, and makes them useless in case someone needs me to seed. Roon Labeling is the answer to this question, as it is a database label, and not tag in the FLAC file itself.

One consistency is that the files are labeled as as either gd76…, or gd1976… (in the case of a concert in 1976). I can now easily expose through the track browser all of the shows for 1976.

How would I be able to label a mass of tracks at the same time with “Grateful Dead” and “1976” so I have a way of exposing those shows with poor tagging?

Could you be a expand a bit on what you are trying to do please? Are you looking for way to select and tag lots of files, or a way to combine two sets of tags?

Brian, thank you for helping. I am looking for a way to select and tag lots of files.

I want all my Grateful Dead shows to be tagged by as “Grateful Dead” then I want to separately tag all the Grateful Dead shows for example from 1976, as “1976”

Ok let’s start and see how we go.

With that tracks browser and filtered by path, long press or right click on one track. Then, top left, open the drop down select box, to select all.

Now 3 dots edit and add to a tag. Roon’s Knowledge Base is helpful here and elsewhere.

Now we should have all the Grateful Dead stuff in a Tag, and we can search and do things, see KB tags

Let me know what’s next…

Brian, that was brilliant, and did exactly what I was expecting it to. I just completed 1966, but works like a champ, I will play around with the rest of my collection later tonight, and let this thread know how it goes.


Brian, I can’t thank you enough. Just by going through this tagging excercise, it is revealed in a very simple way about 40% more of my Grateful Dead library. I am going to be a busy man for a while as I discover what I already have.

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