I Love Absolutely Roon

I love Roon. Seriously, this is just a magnificent music platform.

Preface this with a discovery about myself - I absolutely love music. My stereo in my room is literally playing 24/7, it’s there when I walk thru, when I’m going to sleep, when I wake in the morning. I have a jazz playlist that goes on and on and on. Other times when surfing the web while listening to music and I’ll come across a highly recommended video. Even if it was a short Tick Tok clip, I just can’t bring myself to interrupt the beautiful tunes. Music rocks, video - meh.

About 7 years ago I was finally able to buy a stereo system dedicated to music - not home theater surround sound, but music. At the time I didn’t know squat about sound systems or music software and spent a boatload of money on stuff trusting the advice of others. One of those purchases was Roon, again which I didn’t know much about. At the time it cost $500 and I could afford it - now with prices rising I’m looking like a freaking genius.

I struggled with Roon for several years, mostly due to my jerry-rigged network setup. And during that time I looked for other music software solutions - Spotify, Plex, and a few others I can’t remember. I soon discovered that none of them came close to Roon. I couldn’t find anything that allowed me to play my own music to any device anywhere.

It took a while to figure things out, and perusing the community boards helps, but at least now I feel I can get around the software doing what I need to do. I surprised my wife by playing her music on Roon thru a Sonos Move while listening to my jazz on some nice headphones. Connected with Tidal and now I’ve discovered a new seemingly endless music source of great jazz. I’m in heaven.

My own music mixed with a streaming service. Any device. Anywhere. Thank you Roon!


I share this love and fascination in principle, even if I’m currently in the frustration phase again, where it doesn’t work out with Roon as desired. I think it will be all right. The team needs time to improve some things in the program code so that almost all customers in problem situations are helped. Be patient and fair with the support. The diamond is just getting the final touches.

Similar story. Rediscovered my love of music through Roon via Tidal initially and then Qobuz. I’m now populating a USB stick with enough (purchased) Jazz albums to take on an upcoming two month trip where I will be unable to access my Roon core. Perhaps some day Roon will develop a portable version that we can take with us on our travels? In the meantime the USB stick is the practical solution for me. But without Roon none of this would have happened for me. Music brings me so much pleasure in my life. I’m grateful that Roon exists………warts and all.