I love Roon because

I didn’t realise til now that switching cores from one pc to another is very simple, and all editing and tailoring work done on each core setup is maintained.

This means I can have one core setup in my office on my main PC with all drives connected and use my laptop as a core when I am outside range of the main PC, with drive attached to it for a portable setup.


it allows me to manage my 500k file database with a few klicks.
very cool stuff you created here.

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that is very true… it’s so very quick in responding. I’m nowhere near the 500k file mark, at around 120k files, but it’s lightningly quick and album art is displayed instantly. It was a bugbear of mine with Foobar which I was using previously.

I like the fact that if you fav tracks as you go and then want a quick playlist. Go to Tracks and click the heart symbol. All your Fav’s will be there. Click Play all and it will random play your fav music.