I’m a Qobuz Beta User!

So now I’m a Qobuz beta user. Whoopee. Since there’s no Roon integration, at least as yet, I’m not sure what to do with it. I’m not that interested in hi-res streaming; for cd-quality streaming, I’m pretty happy with Tidal. What I want from Qobuz is hi-res downloads, which I can now get. But until their relationship with Roon gets resolved, I think that will be it.

Without going into detail if you have an NDA, was there much reporting required?

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No NDA, no reporting. Just responded to an email invitation to enroll.

I responded last week to a survey as well and I don’t have an invitation yet. When did you do the survey?

Me too. Just got the “welcome” letter. I registered, but did not sign up yet. It gives you all three sub options for one free month, but not the Sublime+ for trial (which includes the downloads). Will need to enter the credit card info when picking one of the three sub options, unless you want to stay with the MP3 option for a month.

Not sure what to do with it. There is no Roon integration (yet), so of little use for me

I actually just got notification and signed up. Interesting to see it light up my dragonfly pink on 96k streams, but thinking it will be a bit cumbersome to stream through my home hi-if. I, too, am hoping for roon integration. As a longtime Tidal user/advocate, looking forward to comparing the catalogs (for my tastes).

I did survey on Friday last week.

Ha! I just checked my email and the invite is there. I will give it a go tonight.

Beyond the invite and survey completion you will receive an acceptance email or rejection. I received a rejection. I suspected that I would because my listening is roon and home only.

I don’t need another CD like quality music service

If you have no interest in the product, why would you sign up for a beta trial?

Out of interest, why are people signing up for a beta of a service they don’t plan to use?

(Omg that was mad timing, clearly I’m not the only one thinking it)

“We received many hundreds of beta testing applications for Qobuz US, and unfortunately you were not selected to become a tester at this time.”

My reputation precedes me. :smile:

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If you mean me, I do plan to use it for hi-re downloads; got a 24/44 version of Slowdive this morning. Easy, and much nicer than HDTracks. But I’m not sure I’m going to be interested in a lot of hi-res streaming, at least not until it’s integrated with Roon.

Can you purchase Hi rez tracks as a beta user?

Yeah, but not at a discount. For that you have to subscribe to “Sublime,” which I don’t want to do until we find out about Roon. So I guess in the meantime I’ll pay full price; for most stuff it doesn’t look worse than buying a physical cd.

My very first thoughts: using MCONNECT HD as the app:

There are so many albums marked as “high resolution “, but when streaming they are simply doing 44.1/16

I guess they are only available for purchase in high resolution, not streaming. But they should clarify that. Very misleading.

I am doing Studio tier

I am finding something similar. Some albums marked hi-res play at 24/96 and others play 16/44.1, even though it says available at 24/192. Seems like Studio is a US tier and maybe gives some hi-res streaming?

Or, could be related to their disclaimer that the catalog is not fully built out yet during beta.

Qobuz reprsentatives have indicared that in alot of sutuations licensing from the studio only allows redbook streaming and hi-res for purchase only.

In my opinion the cd quality streaming option is the sweet spot. That said, I only stream for discovery.

I found you have to set the highest resolution that you want to play in both desktop and IOS versions.
IOS versions were set at CD quality until I changed them after Qobuz warnings about bandwidth use etc.

That was my thought as well, that some albums and versions are simply not available while their platform is in BETA and perhaps ingesting data.

Overall, I wasn’t totally impressed because I couldn’t find everything that I was looking for that I see on Tidal. But, again it could be that it is in BETA.

I did learn from the Qobuz rep that there is [most likely] something in the works in terms of integration with Roon. He wouldn’t say in so many words, but I get the impression that it is going to happen.