I Need a Hand with Qobuz

I have a Qobuz Studio account, and from their app, I can see a new Phil Collins album and a Linda Ronstadt album.

I can find neither in Qobuz via Roon.

I must not be looking in the right area. Can someone point the way, please? Asking Friday evening CST. Thanks.

I really dont want Phil Collins in my search history :joy: But did it anyway, and the new album is present when I select the artist from the searchresults within Roon.

It’s also present in the Qobuz New Releases section within Roon. Im in the NL

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hmmm. Finally found it:

Second row, middle. Unexpected position for a “newest first” setting though:


Still don’t see it among Qobuz new release page (in Roon). Oh well…

Anyway, I’ll vouch for you if the Collins search history leaks out amongst your friends. Tell them you were helping a wayward Yank (and PS: I pretty much agree with your apparent assessment of Collins too. Just a familiar name to go hunting for.) :slight_smile:

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I think the sort order is weird because it is a 1990 remaster (released on 1 feb 2019)